GMC Motorhome Documentation

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Maintenance Schedule Folders
 1973 Taken from X-7321A
 1974 X-7415A
 1975 X-7522A
 1976 X-7622B
 1977 X-7722A
 1977 (w 403 engine) X-7722B
 1978 X-7822A
 PreFlight Checklist '73 - '75  
 PreFlight Checklist '76 - '78  
 GMC Service Publications List X-7940   (.8mb pdf)
 Rear Spindle Recall Bulletin 74-C-07
 Ladder Installation Instructions A-0326







Miscellaneous Manuals
 Body Builders Manual 10 Mb
 Factory Assembly Manual 27 Mb file size
 1974 Emission Control Systems  X-7482
 P30 Chassis Manual  19 Mb pdf (Reference Only)
Coachmen 1978 Owners Manual (32mb pdf)
Coachmen Wiring -
Plumbing Diagrams
 (1977 Rear Bath)
(4.2mb pdf)
 Avion Operation and Service Manual (1.44mb pdf)


Onan Manuals and Bulletins
6kw NH Operator / Parts 2.8mb       All files are .pdf
6kw NH Major Service 2.7mb
4kw BF Operator / Parts 2.2mb
4kw BF Major Service 2.8mb
Special Tools Catalog 1mb
Engine Bulletins 1.5mb
Product Support Bulletins 1.4mb
Technical Bulletins 3.1mb
Miscellaneous Bulletins 1mb
Tele-News Bulletins 600kb
Supplementary Parts List 300kb
Short Block Assemblies 800kb
Load Transfer Switch 400kb
Dino Board Pinout Diagram 100kb

Various Component Manuals
Ragusa Parts Installation Manuals  
Griffin Aluminum Radiator Installation Instructions  
McNeal Dash Owners Manual (3.3mb pdf)
A/C Compressors  (2mb)
Firestone Airspring Date Code Sheet  
 Generac Diagnostic Repair Series IM, NP, and Q  (3.8mb pdf)
 Generac Primepact 66 Owners  (3.7mb)
 Floor Plans (.3mb pdf)
 Dimensional Drawings  
Quadrajet Carburetors  (.7mb pdf)
Quadrajet Service 1973  (14mb)
Quadrajet Service 1981  (7.5mb)
 Electro Level  (3mb pdf)
Cruise Control "Resume" Convertion  
Cruise Master Operation  (2 mb)
Zip Dee Awning Installation Instructions  
Carrier AirV Parts 3.6mb pdf
Carrier AirV Service 2.6mb pdf
Coleman 8000 Installation  
Coleman 7000-8000 Operation  (9mb pdf)
Carefree Awning Manual  (4mb pdf)
 Dometic Refrigerator Installation  (1.2mb pdf)
 Dometic Bulletin 12-1987  (.3mb pdf)
 Dometic Refrigerator RM2652 and -RM2852  (1.8mb pdf)
 Dometic 2652 Spare Parts  
 Dometic Refrigerator RM 2301 thru 2801  (1.4mb pdf)
Atwood Roof A/C Installation (1.8mb)
Atwood Roof A/C Repair (1.3mb)
 Duo-Therm Roof Air Installation and Operation 8-1975  (.9mb pdf)
 Duo-Therm 65900 Series Furnace  (1mb pdf)
 Duo-Therm DSI Service Guide  (.5mb pdf)
 Duo-Therm A/C Quick Start Kit  (.5mb pdf)
 Duo-Therm A/C Heat Strip Installation  (50kb pdf)
 Duo-Therm A/C Troubleshooting Guide  (.5mb pdf)
 Duo-Therm Penguin 610115 Installation and Operation  (4 mb pdf)
 Norcold Refrigerator  (2mb pdf)
Norcold 662 - 683 Install and Operation  (9mb pdf)
NuTone Food Center (7mb pdf)
 Solaire Furnace  (1mb pdf)
 Suburban Dyna-Trail Furnace  (1.7mb pdf)
 Suburban NT22 - 32 Furnace (1.9mb pdf)
Suburban SF Service Manual  
Suburban SF-42 Parts List  
Suburban Furnace Technical Manual  
Suburban NT30 Burner Chamber  
Suburban Service Manual (5mb pdf)
 MorFlo Water Heater  (.7mb pdf)
 Moen Kitchen Faucet  (.3mb pdf)
 Magic Chef Cook Stove  (2.3mb pdf)
 Triad-Utrad Converter/Charger  (.9mb pdf)
 Heart Freedom 10 Convertor / Charger (1.4mb pdf)
 Todd Power Switch  (.6mb pdf)
 Aqua Magic Galaxy Toilet Operator Manual (1.2mb pdf)
 Thetford Toilet  (.1mb pdf)
 ElectraMagic Flyer & Service Instruction  (.6mb pdf)
 ElectroMagic Recirculating Toilet  (1.8mb pdf)
 Electra Magic Toilet Manual  (1.9mb pdf)
 Macerator Pump  (58kb pdf)
 Magnetic fluid level gauge  (.2mb pdf)
 SureFlo Tri-A-Fram Water Pump  (1mb pdf)
 Thomas Built-In Vacuum System Parts and Installation  (1.6mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Brochure  (1.3mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Flyer  (.5mb pdf)
 Another ThermaSan Flyer   (.8mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Owner's Manual  (.5mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Operating Manual  (.5mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Installation Manual  (.6mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Probe Installation  (.4mb pdf)
 ThermaSan Patent  (.8mb pdf)
 Thetford Toilet Installation  (.1mb pdf)
 Clasco A/C Conversion  (.75mb pdf)
AirSensors Inc Fuel Injection Manual (4.4mb pdf)
Rostra Installation and Owners Manual (10/1998) (4mb pdf)
Rostra Electronic Cruise Control Manual (02/2000) (4mb pdf)
Early Rostra 10 Pin Switch Settings  
Rostra Cruise - Duane Simmons Notes  
Rostra Signal Generator Kit 250-4153  
Birch Screen Door Installation Instuctions (1.5mb pdf)
THM 425 Trouble Shooting 1969  (2.8mb)
THM 425 Trouble Shooting 1973  (14mb)
Transmission Storage Procedure  
1967 Toronado 3.21 Planetary Final Drive (5mb pdf)
1967 Toronado Switch Pitch Transmission (22mb pdf)
How to Build a GM EFI System (41mb pdf)
How to Tune a GM EFI System (26mb pdf)
Honda Generator EVD6010 Installation (2mb pdf)
Honda Generator EVD6010 Owners  
Honda Generator EV6010 Mounting Plate Template  
Honda Generator EV4010 Mounting Plate Template  
Wallace Hub Maintenance Instructions