GMC Motorhome Wiring Diagrams


In order to make these diagrams easy to read and follow, they're very large files. I suggest you download them to your machine.

The files you need should be downloaded to your own computer. Right click the links, create a directory to keep them in, then choose to save them to disk (or Save Target As). Put them all in the same directory for convenience.


From the 1973 Maintenance Manual

1973 12v DC Engine  (487kb)

1973 12v DC Living Area (254kb)

From the 1973 Operator Manual
1973 12v DC & 120v AC  (540kb)

From the 1975 / 1976 Maintenance Manual

Living Area

1975 12v DC   (150kb)

1975 120v AC   (148kb)

1975 / 1976 12v DC (Effective with TZE165V100893) November 1975   (148kb)

1975 / 1976 120v AC (Effective with TZE165V100893) November 1975   (161kb)


Chassis Area

1975 with Breaker Points   (457kb)

1975 Transmode with Breaker Points   (497kb)

1975 / 1976 with HEI (518kb file)

1975 / 1976 Transmode with HEI   (551kb)

From the 1975 Avion Operation and Service Manual

12 volt DC

120 volt AC

From the 1976 Maintenance Manual Suppliment

Living Area

120v AC - ZEO6581 (158kb file)

120v AC - ZEO6582 (142kb file)

12v DC - ZEO6581 (146kb file)

12v DC - ZEO6582 (86kb file)

Chassis Area

Chassis Electrical - Motorhome (591kb file)

Chassis Electrical - Transmode (587kb file)

Coachmen with plumbing diagrams

From the 1977 / 1978 Maintenance Manual Suppliment

Living Area

1977 / 1978 12v DC (Model ZEO6581) (128kb)

1977 / 1978 120v AC (Model ZEO6581) (136kb)

1977 120v AC (Model ZEO6584) (129kb)


Chassis Area

1977 / 1978 with Electro Level I (Models ZEO6581, ZEO6584) (520kb)

1977 / 1978 Transmode with Electro Level I (Models ZEO6083, ZEO6583) (509kb)

1978 with Electro Level II (Model ZEO6581) (574kb)

1978 Transmode with Electro Level II (Models ZEO6083, ZEO6583) (559kb)