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Old Sales Material

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Here is a list of Publications and Advertisers that featured the GMC Motorhome.

TRANSPO 72    Provided by Peter Brandt. Thanks Peter

1973 Magazine Article

1973 GMC Motorhome Offerings

1974 GMC Motorhome Offerings     Provided by Norman Wheatley

1975 Palm Beach

1975 Landau

1975 Transmode

1976 Glenbrook

1976 Motor Home Sweet Home

1976 Birchaven

1976 Birchaven #2

1976 Royale

1976 Royale #2

1976 23' Models

1977 Models

1977 Driver's Dealer Directory   (.8mb pdf) Thanks to Emery Stora

1977 Pricing Thanks to Bill Bryant

1977 Royale   Thanks to Dan MacKinnon

1977 Birchaven    Thanks to Bill Bryant

1977 and 1978 Accessories Catalog    Thanks to Bill Bryant

1977 Place Mat and Jacket Patch    Thanks to Dave Greenberg

1978 Models

Yearly Gross Weight Chart    Bill Bryant

1978 Coachmen Models

1980 Driver's Dealer Directory   Bill Bryant


Avion 26' Interiors   Thanks to Bill Bryant

Avion 23' Interiors   Thanks to Bill Bryant

Roll-A-Long   Thanks to Bill Bryant


Coca Cola   Thanks to Bill Bryant

Edgemont   Thanks to Bill Bryant

Eleganza II GM Presentation of New Features

Eleganza II    Provided by Peter Brandt. Refined by Peer Schmidt

Hughes Motor Coach of Ontario, Canada   Thanks to Bill Bryant

Building the GMC Motorhome

Wheat Motors Magazine Ad   April 1985

Assorted Magazine Ads    Thanks to Tim Brown and Roger Black

Spectrum 2000

The Wallace Front Wheel Bearing Flyer

Clasco - The Dream's Alive! Thanks to Jerry Work

Clasco Pride Brochure   Thanks to Chuck Blanford

Clasco Brochure

Another Clasco Brochure

Clasco Dry Bath Leaflet

Clasco Twin Beds Leaflet

Clasco Invoices

The Midnight Express

Silver Motor Coach   Thanks to Eric Tipton

Solaire Furnace Owner's Manual

Dometic Refrigerator Installation and Owner's Manual    Thanks to Richard Elsley and Ray Davis

Grueninger GMC Motorhomes   (1.5mb pdf) Thanks to Emery Stora

Water System Care Booklet   (3.1mb pdf) Thanks to Emery Stora

GMC Pre-Travel Checklist  (.1mb pdf)  Gary Rockwell

VacationLand Coloring Book  (.7mb pdf) Thanks to Dave Greenberg (Red Holman Covers courtesy of Bill Bryant)

VacationLand Coloring Book (24mb pdf) Greatly enhanced for us by Karen Breen-Bondie

Sliding Battery Tray Offer  Dave Greenberg

Classified Newspaper Ad  Dave Greenberg

Kentucky Horse Park Guide Cover  Dave Greenberg

GMC Automatic Door Step  Dave Greenberg

Zip Dee Catalog Page  Dave Greenberg

Zip Dee Brochure    Bill Bryant

March 1973 National Geographic AD  Dave Greenberg

1978 Jimmy Motor Homes  Dave Greenberg

Announcing The GMC MotorHome  Dave Greenberg

Arcoa GMC Trailer Hitches  Dave Greenberg

Gemco Center Line Hitch   Bob Burkitt

Available GMC Optional Equipment  Dave Greenberg

Auxiliary GMC Heater  Dave Greenberg

Electro Level I Rear Suspension System  Dave Greenberg

Power Level Rear Suspension System  Dave Greenberg

Helpful GMC Tips from GMC  Dave Greenberg

Introducing the Eleganza II  Dave Greenberg

GMC Delights Booklet  Dave Greenberg

Grueninger Olds/GMC GO Express  Dave Greenberg

Liesure & Recreational Products, Inc.  Dave Greenberg

GMC Medical Unit  Dave Greenberg

GMC Motorhome Owner's Association  Dave Greenberg

GMC Motorhome Traveler Newsletters Glyn Trimble

GMC MotorHome Recall Notices  Dave Greenberg

GMC Transmission and Final Drive Offer  Dave Greenberg

GMC Transmode Pamphlet  Dave Greenberg

Try Before You Buy Magazine Ad Thanks to Bill Brown

Other Motorhomes that used the Toronado Front Wheel Drive Train   Thanks to Bill Bryant

GMC Data Plate   Thanks to Chuck Blanford

GMC Production and Shipping Order   Chuck Blanford

GMC Warranty Card   Chuck Blanford

KYB Shocks Brochure  Thanks to Charles Wersal

Onan / GMC Announcement Letter    Thanks to Richard Hodges

Onan Spring Tune-up Letter    Richard Hodges

Onan Original Parts Letter    Richard Hodges

Gemini Build Sheet   Gary Worobec

Stripes Movie Program Book (Japanese)   Thanks to James Arledge

Terry Olds GMC Brochure / Parts List   Thanks to Jerry Work

McNeal Dash Brochure Jerry Work

GMC_Motorhome_Maintenance_and_Information_Notes by John Engebretsen Thanks to Ken Henderson

Corporate Response Letter to GMC Inquiry and Dealer List Thanks to Chris Geils

Gemini Vehicle Traveler sheet found taped to the water tank in 2014 Thanks to Kelly Money

GMC II by Explorer Vans Parts Offerings

Clasco Catalog 1998

These are old sales materials that are no longer in effect. They are posted for nastalgic purposes only. Please do not attemp to use any of the contact information that might be contained within the photos as it will probably not work.

Magazine Reviews

What Car? UK Magazine Review Thanks to Graham Fox

August 1973 Popular Science (includes FMC)

November 1973 Popular Mechanics   John Wright

May 1974 Motor Trend Article   Dave Greenberg

August 1974 Mechanix Illustrated
Thanks to J Dexter for these contributions.

October 1977 Review Thanks to Chuck Blanford

The Story of the GMC Text by Bill Bryant (February 2004 FMCA)
Reprinted with permission from the February, March, and April 2004 issues Of Family Motor Coaching.

Collectibles With a Kitchen Sink by Chris Dixon for the July 2005 New York Times

Still Cruising After All These Years Text by Jim and Audree Rowe (October 2008 FMCA)
Reprinted with permission from the October 2008 issue Of Family Motor Coaching.

Trailer Made by Chicago Home Magazine - Rick Boltinghouse' GMC

GMC Motorhome Registry In Action by Dave Greenberg (November 2009 FMCA)
Reprinted with permission from the November 2009 issue Of Family Motor Coaching.

A GMC motorhome renovation by Todd Moning of FMCA "Member Stories" 1/26/2010.

Motorhome Magnificence by Mike Bumbeck made possible by owner, Bill Jones. Hemmings Classic Car 5/2011.

Brotherhood of the Wrench May 2012 Issue of Popular Mechanics

GMCs at the Car Show by Jim and Audree Rowe, November 2012 FMC Magazine

GMCMI Turns 30 by Janet Frey, April 2013 FMC Magazine

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke by Jim Koscs for 1/5/2015 "CocaCola Journey"

GMC Remains on the Move by Jim Koscs for 1/27/2015 BBC Autos column.

Why 1970s GMC Motorhomes Have a Cult-Like Following - 6/23/2015 Driving.ca

Vintage RVs Make A Comeback 8/20/2015 Wall Street Journal

40 Years and Counting  by Wayne Kinzie 3/2016 FMC Magazine

The GMC Motorhome by Tim Dye for the Pontiac Oakland Museum

GMCMI Interview 1-2017 by Pink Flamingo RV

What Was the GMC Motorhome? 1-2018 by Tom Appel

The Sturgeon Resurfaces in Nevada 6/2018

Magazine Advertisements

Click on any of the listed brochures to view them

1973 National Geographic Magazine Ad    Thanks again, Peter

Fishing Thanks to James Locander

Make it Beautiful Thanks to James Locander

Showplace Goplace Thanks to James Locander

Traveling Salesman Thanks to James Locander

GMC Motorhome Publication
Article Indexes

These indexes are computer searchable and will make your search for a specific problem easier to find.

GMC Motorhome Marketplace - No longer published

GMC Motorhomes International

GMC Motorhome Traveler - General Motors Sanctioned Club Newsletter - No longer published




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