Other Toronado Powered
Front Wheel Drive Motorhomes

Here are ads from 3 of the other RVs that used the Toronado Front Wheel Drive unit. Also included is a copy of the Tiara sales brochure.

There was a total of 5 Front Wheel Drive 455 RVs including GMC. They are:
1. Revcon
2. Cortez
3. Travoy
4. Tiara
5. GMC

The Revcon was the most successful. Made thru late 1980s or so. In 1979 they converted to a 454 and transfer case to turn the drive back up front.

The Cortez was a successor to the Clark MH, also known for fork lifts.

The Travoy was a California Company with fairly low volume made.

Tiara (p.1)    Tiara (p.2) was the successor to the Ultra van which used the Corvair engine. After the Corvair was discontinued they made a few V8 powered MHs. The Tiara was a successor to this. I have been told 40 were made.

PRF Industries has a very real tie to the GMC Motorhome. PRF was Peter R. Fink who founded Gemini Corp. in Mt. Clemens, MI and was the interior upfitter for the 1973 and 1974 GMC Motorhomes. They also built the Travco, Sightseer and some others.

Bill Bryant (9-10-03)