Coca Cola and Gadabout GMCs

GMC information identifies a total of 55 Cokes and GadAbouts made, most in 1977, a few in 1978.

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Coke1.jpg (800x571; 26 KBytes)
These Coke pictures are factory photos of the "standard" Coke.

Some answers to the GadAbout questions:
- LRP was the company that completed the detailing.
- The Coca Colas were GMC interiors not Transmodes
- GMC records indicate that a total of 55 units were built, most were 1977 models, a couple were 1978's (standard Coca Colas and GadAbouts).
- 5 Gadabouts were given away as prizes. 9 or 10 GadAbouts are the total believed built.
- It was a couple of years ago when I posted the GMCMI information on Cokes.
-Read the April 2004 FMC Magazine article pages 77 & 78 and you will find most of this information.
Bill Bryant

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