The Midnight Express

Thanks to Manny Trovao for these photos

Please contact me if you find more information and/or can get new pictures.

As mentioned before, the 33' Midnight Express burned down sometime this summer.(1999)
This past weekend with the GMC 49ers I went through their albums and came across some pictures of the coach. It belonged to Maury Friedman of Santa Rosa, California. It was originally buit by NASA Engineer Marcel Drapeau, now residing in Florida.

According to some of the 49er bunch, they had to wait at the top of the hill for the Midnight Express to catch up.

Thanks to Manny Trovao and Emery Stora for these priceless pictures and information.

Dave Greenberg notes:
Marcel told me he bought AND cut up a brand new 77 GMC & an old 73 to make this coach.

April 2016 Update: Joe Labbe on Facebook "Today at a rest stop in North Carolina , I met Paul Bergeron, who told me about how he built the midnight express" He took this selfie of himself on the left and Paul on the right.

Found a couple more photos thanks to Eugene Fisher

No doubt, there is a lot I do not know about this machine and who actually built it. I'd love to get the whole story one of these days.