GMC Motorhome
Torsion Bar Unloader Tool

Loaner Program


The Bearing Tool, donated by Larry Weidner, for sharing by the rest of us is ready to go.  I've supplied a special box with cutout foam padding and created a laminated instruction booklet to go along with it.  It will fit in a small size Priority Mail box and ships anywhere in the U.S. for $5.95.

As soon as you get done and get it all cleaned up, pack it up like you received it and contact me for where to mail it to the next person in line. Please keep me informed as to it's whereabouts and schedule for record keeping.

Home port is:
Billy Massey
7110 Forbess Dr
Brownwood, TX 76801

325.665.4357 (textable Cell)

Currently on loan to:

Danny Molnes
Seattle, WA

Next borrower is: