Propane POL Fitting
Emery Stora


Some have reported on the GMCnet that they experienced cracking of the POL fitting when adding a two stage regulator to replace the original one stage. Someone said that they had to add a brace to the two stage to support the additional weight.

I recently replaced the regulator and discovered that the original POL fitting had two flats on it to accommodate a wrench. Mine was bent slightly in the narrowed area of the flats. I replaced it with a shorter fitting that is almost fully supported by the nut that goes into the propane tank. I think that it would be almost impossible to bend or crack this one. When I bought the fitting I found that there are various size holes for the propane. The first one I saw had a very small diameter hole and I was concerned about volume, especially for the furnace but I found another which had an opening approximately the same as the original.

In order to make more storage room in the propane compartment, especially for bottle jacks (8 ton in front of picture, shorter one in rear) , I raised the tank 3/4" which allowed the tank to move back almost 1-1/2". I used two pieces of 3/4" plywood and 3-1/2" Grade 8 bolts. It required drilling new holes through the floor and floor supports.

I am now storing 2 bottle jacks, the original GMC jack strapped to the top of the tank, two jack hooks, the handles for the jacks, a 25' piece of 3/4" hose as an extension for the macerator, my propane line for my Bar-B-Que, lug nut wrench and handle and I also can put in a couple of short 4x4 blocks.