GMC Accessories by Kerry Pinkerton

284 N Dayhill Rd
Harvest, AL 35749

The KISS Shelf

$30.00 in the lower 48. Send a check or email for other arrangements.

or use PayPal to


DISCLAIMER #1: These are raw aluminum. I am not responsible for damage to your paint or anything else. If you've got paint that you don't want scratched under the hood, you can put some tape in the slot. I haven't noticed any scratches on my coach but then again, my paint is 35 years old...

DISCLAIMER #2: I have no idea of the weight limit but there surely is one. If you overload yours and crack the plastic, it's all on you. I could test the capacity to failure on mine but I'm not interested in doing that. Shocked It's not made to hold your battery or spare tire. Use your best judgement.

The design is a bit different but I was able to keep the price at $15 each. Shipping anywhere in the lower 48 is a flat $6.50 for a total to your door of $21.50. If you are going to Coos Bay or Branson, there will be a limited quantity available from Kelvin Dietz at Coos Bay and from me at Branson. If you want to reserve one, let Kelvin or I know. At Branson, they will be $15 and at Coos Bay $20 (shipping and overhead ya know)

If you want to use paypal the account is:

Pinkertonk at yahoo dot com.

These things are handier than a hip pocket. For the past two weeks, I've used at least one every day...sometimes one on each side. Laughing

I had hoped to be able to have a way to store them under the hood but after thinking about it, there are just two many different underhood configurations. In addition, if it came loose and rattled around and damaged something you'd be mad at me so you can put it where it makes sense to you. I have a wooden shelf that my battery tray sits on that has a plastic box I store oil and stuff in. I'll keep mine in the box with the oil...or inside...or one inside and one under the get the idea.


This door handle extension cuts the effort required to open the door by 50%. $13.50 shipping included.