Howell Electronic Fuel Injection
for your GMC Motorhome

Two years ago I put together a group buy for 20 Howell GMC TBI kits. We were able to save about $200 per kit. I learned several weeks ago that Howell had set me up as a dealer for their kits and I am now offering their GMC kit for $1100 which includes shipping in the lower USA. If you buy direct from Howell, you will pay $1300 plus shipping for the same setup
(they had a $100 price increase on March 15th).

Whether you order thru me or direct from Howell, Howell will give you the same support for trouble shooting problems. On a recent shipment to one of our favorite GMCers, I learned Howell is still sending the incorrect gasket that goes between the adapter plate and the intake manifold. Howell's instructions are also the same as they were two years ago (there are a number of errors in their instructions). I will be asking Howell to supply the correct gasket (it is an Advance Auto parts Fel-pro 60335 or one from Autozone #85505) as well as correcting their instructions in addition to supplying the 1/4 threaded rod to hold the air cleaner to the TBI & supplying a 3/8" nipple for the gas return line (rather than a 1/4" nipple so one can use the excess fuel hose supplied by Howell).

Richard J Waters has put together an excellent write up on his Howell TBI installation with pictures and pointing out where the Howell instructions are misleading or wrong. I would suggest you access RJW's installation procedure at and for more info on the TBI access Gene Fisher's web site at RJW also talks about using electronic spark control with the Howell TBI system (this requires you to use a different distributor and have Howell change their wiring harness). Bob Drewes shares his excellent paper on Iinitial Calibration of EFI at

I am not an expert on the Howell TBI, but I have put Howell's TBI on my coach and will install the same system on my daughter's coach in the near future. Please note that I can also save you money on anything Howell sells on their web site; this includes other TBI systems as well as parts.

My prices are dealer cost plus 2 to 3 percent; very similar to the prices I used to charge for the Ramco mirror systems when I was allowed to sell wholesale to GMCers. I do this as a service to save GMCers money. If you prefer to buy direct from Howell or another dealer, that's fine with me too. I am listed as a Howell dealer on the GMCMI web page and on Bdub's web site. I have been on the GMCnet for 10 years. I can be reached at 336-924-1991 (home) from late September to mid-June; anytime at 541-260-3941 (cell). Howell's web site is should you want to check out what they have. Please email or call me if I can be of help to you.

JR Wheeler 78 Royale NC/OR