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Replacement Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Lines

I offer engine oil cooler lines for both the 455 & 403 cu.in. engines.

The flex lines are made of Weatherhead braided stainless steel hose with Teflon lining and machine crimped fittings. These hoses are rated at 1750 lbs and from -100*F to +450*F. These are manufacturer tested ratings and well above what we need for our coaches.

The 403 hoses are made to the OEM dimensions and are an exact replacement for the originals. The 403 hoses are one piece flex hose from the oil filter adapter to the radiator. I also supply a new stainless steel mounting strap with the hoses to attach the hoses to the frame.

The 403 hoses are $110.00 a set.

The 455 hoses are offered as two sets. The first set consists of two flex hoses. The second set is made up of two rigid tubes and fittings. Both sets are exact replacements for the originals.

The 455 flex hoses are cut to the exact length of the originals and are machined crimped. These hoses connect between the rigid tubes and the radiator.

The 455 flex hoses are $85.00 a set.

The 455 rigid tubes are made of 1/2" stainless steel tubing. These tubes are die bent and double flared to be an exact replacement for the original steel tubes. These tubes replace the original steel tubes that have rusted, been twisted off, or just lost over the years. These tubes go between the oil filter adapter and the flex hoses. The tube set consists of two rigid tubes, new fittings to replace the originals, and a new stainless steel mounting bracket.

The 455 tube set is $45.00 a set.

I am not in the parts producing business and at the risk of sounding corny, it's just that I like these old coaches and will do whatever I can to keep them running. I price these parts at cost to me and if you can get them cheaper that's great. Whatever you decide, don't settle for a lesser hose.

(Actually I prefer the original 455 set up. The solid steel tubes are as close to bullet proof as you can get.)

ReBuilt PowerLevel Rotary Valves


 GMCnet Name Badges

I'll make GMCnet badges for anyone interested. They are small plastic pin on badges with the GMCnet logo and your individual internet address. The badges make identifying a fellow netter easy even if you have no idea how one another looks.
 One Badge (mailed)


 Two Badges (mailed)


 Each Badge (hand delivered)


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