What are the usual brake problems and what causes them?

Where can I get a vacuum booster pump for my brakes?

What carbon metallic brake pads will fit my front disks?

Brakes Comparison - Drums vs Disks by Jim Penrod Lake Placid, Florida

What is a good New Master Cylinder replacement?

What Master Cylinder is required to handle rear disk brakes?

What are the part #'s I need to change to 80mm front brake calipers?

What front Brake hoses do I need for my coach?

What's involved in installing rear wheel disk brakes from a Cadillac?

Why does my Brake Warning Light stay on?

What is a source for Carbon Metallic Brake Pads?



>Why doesn't my cruise control work?

>What are the dimensions?

How do I perform my own front end alignment?

Which battery does the Battery Boost switch boost?

How can I tell if my early model coach has had the rear spindle upgraded according to the recall?

How do I rebuild my lower steering shaft?

What is the correct Tapered Reamer for our lower ball joints?

What is a brand and part number for Front Stabilizer/Sway Bar End Link Hardware Set?

How is the best way to adjust the front ride height?

Where can I get new windshield washer nozzles?

Who can rebuild my Windshield wiper motor?

How is the best way to obtain and change my CV Joints?

How much do the individual frame components weigh?

How often should I check / service my CV (Constant Velocity) Joints?

Is there a way to conceal the windshield washer tubes?

What about rear bearings and seals?

What are some cv boot part numbers?

What are the part numbers for the offset upper control arm bushings?

What are the wheel alignment settings supposed to be?

What front end alignment changes should I make if I change to a Steel Sidewall tire?

What can I use so I don't have to jack so high on the rear bogies?

What kind of bushings should I use in my front sway bar?

What kind of metal is used for the GMC frame?

What size is the hub and knuckle asemmbly?

What's the part numbers for the double wrap clamps for the CV Boot?

Where do I purchase and what Front Wheel Bearings do I need?

How thick of a rubber body spacer / insulator is required for my GMC?



What is the correct Upper Radiator Hose?

What thermostat do I need for my coach?

How do I know if my Fan Clutch is working?



What does the solenoid in the rear battery (coach battery) compartment do?

Is there a new exact replacment clearance light available?

I've replaced my ignition coil but the GMC still won't start. What might be the problem?

There is a resister wire among a bundle of other wires that runs from the alternator to the idiot light. It can potentially burn the whole bundle if the alternator fails.

Is there a way to over-ride the rain switch on the Fantastic Fan?

Battery Information

How are the two separate battery systems separated on our GMCs?

How do I know the state of charge of my batteries?

Can I put a larger alternator on my engine?

What replacement Alternator will fit on my GMC?

How can I drive my alternator with 2 belts?

Is there a battery tray that will slide all the way out?

What are good Golf Cart batteries to use for house batteries?

What are some of the Battery Power Management Components for my GMC?

Why does the alternator light stay dimly lit?



Ram Air for GMC Intake

How can I build a remote air filter for my GMC?

Why should I plug or block of the exhaust crossover on my 455 intake manifold?

Here's a parts list to rebuild a Olds 455

What should I look for in a fan belt?

How powerful is the engine in my GMC?

How do I fix my leaking oil cooler adapter?

What is a good starter for the GMC?

How much should it cost to overhaul an engine for my GMC?

When did GMC start putting the 403 in their motorhomes?

How should I prepare an Engine for Storage?

Engine Longevity (by Tom Warner 8-99)

How do I prevent exhaust manifold warpage / leaks?

How much engine oil pressure should I have?

What Exhaust Manifold gasket should I use?

What Oil Pressure Sender do I use?

What are some considerations during timing chain replacement?

What are the part numbers for prefferred timing chain and sprockets?

What is the correct front motor mount?

What kind of air filter should I use?

Where can I buy a rebuilt engine?

What is the part # for the Receiver / Dryer / Dehydrator for the A/C system?

Easy Dash Air Upgrade




What Final Drive Gear Ratio should I run and how do I figure it?



What is a part number for an electric choke that can be used on an OEM carburetor?

Are carburators the same on all GMC's?

Can I rebuild my own carburetor?

How does the fuel gauge work in my GMC?

Quadrajet Carburetors

What numbers are stamped on GMC Quadrajet Carburetors?

What Electric Fuel Pump should I install on my GMC?

What fuel cap will fit the GMC?

What is Vapor Lock? How do I prevent it?

What can I do about Vapor Lock?



Why would anyone rebuild an old GMC motorhome?

Explanation of Insurance Terms to watch for concerning your GMC coverage

How much heater hose does it take to replace the whole system including the run to the water heater?

Useful A/C info

What is the replacement ratio of R-134 to R-12?

What should I look for in insurance for my GMC?

When was the last Palm Beach built?

How big is a GMC?

How do I Winterize my GMC?

How do I how to cure the rubber pulling loose at the window corners?

How do I seal water leaks on the exterior of my GMC?

Things To Look For And Replace in a Newly Acquired Coach.

What are some things that might need servicing on my 'new' 100,000 mile GMC?

What are the correct windshield wipers refills?

What do you use to seal the water leaks you find?

What is a good replacement dash air Blower Motor?

What is a part number for the complete windshield wiper arm?

What is a replacement windshield washer pump?

What's good to use to patch our holding tanks?

Where can I buy a Digi-Panel?

Where can I find used parts for my GMC?

Where's the best place to get insurance for my GMC?

How can I increase the fuel milage of my GMC?



How do I set the timing on my GMC?

How can I test and repair my Vacuum Advance on my GMC?

How do I re-curve my Distributor?

Is there a difference between a distributor for a car and one for the GMC?

What Vacuum Advance do I need for my GMC?

Where can I get a updated distributor especially for my GMC?



How can I patch my water tank?

My furnace needs attention. How can I repair it?

How do I replace my headliner?

How do I seal water leaks?

How much material does it take to replace all the curtains in a GMC?

What are the clips called that hold down the engine cover? Where can I get them?

Do you happen to know the NAGS # for the windshields?



Why can't I get AC power from my Onan?

Where can I get a gasket for my Onan carb float bowl?

My Onan fuel pump quit working. What might be wrong with it?

Are there other Air filters that will work on the Onan besides genuine Onan?

How do I change the Bridge Rectifier on my Onan?

How do I check the oil pressure switch on my Onan?

How do I clean my Onan?

How do I get 220 volts out of my Onan?

Is there a carburetor kit made for the Onan?

Is there a cheaper fuel pump for my Onan?

Is there a generic replacement for the onan bridge rectifier #305-0517?

My Onan starts fine but shuts down as soon as the start button on the gen. set is released. What's the problem?

My onan starts and runs fine, it does not generate any power.

My onan won't start! What can I do?

Part numbers for ONAN odds-n-ends

What is a replacement oil pressure switch for the Onan?

Where can I get my Onan Carburetor rebuilt?

How many volts should I get from the Onan?

What steps should be taken before starting an Onan that has sat for several years?

How can I set the hertz on my Onan?

What solenoid will work for my Onan starter?

What Spark Plugs are to be used in the Onan?

How do I install a new bridge rectifier on my Onan?



How do I install a new Steering Gearbox?

My GMC wanders the road (Wiggle-Waggle). How do I stop it?

What front end alignment changes should I make if I change to a Steel Sidewall tire?

What is the correct Steering Gearbox for my GMC?

What is the part number of the steering damper?

What's rubber boot do I neet for my steering gear box?



I have a new frame that doesn't have the reference holes in it to set ride height according to the manual. What are the dimensions to those holes?

How can I tell if I have aluminum or plastic air bag cones?

How do I build a tool to remove and replace the torsion bars?

How is the best way to install an indicator light for my air compressor?



GMC Radial Tire Selection and Recall History

Tires for the GMC Motorhome

What front end alignment changes should I make if I change to a Steel Sidewall tire?

How do I tell Radial Steel Wheels from Bias Ply Steel Wheels?

How do my tires affect my final drive ratio?

Tire Load Range

What gives a load E better sidewall flexing than a load D?

What is the difference between a load d and load e tire? Load e has a higher load rating but what gives it that capability?

What tires should I run on my GMC?

What torque is required on GMC steel wheels? What about aluminum wheels?

What can I use so I don't have to jack so high on the rear bogies.



How can I use 3/8" tubing from the transmission to the cooler?

Where can I get a Switch Pitch Tranny?

How does a Torque Converter work?

What is a Switch Pitch Transmission?

How do I calibrate my Transmission Dipstick?

Should I overhaul my transmission before it goes out?

How do I flush my transmission to completely change the oil?

How often should I change my transmission fluid?

Is there a Long Dipstick for the transmission available that can be accessed from the front of the coach?

What is the part number for the transmission kick-down switch?

What if my transmission won't shift out of low?