Here's a good way to keep your propane and generator door up.

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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:48:42 -0400
From: "Don Ogden" <>

The strut criteria was: 18" O.L. extended , 40lb. force. M6 male thread

You might want to use a 50lb force if you have a heavy door. The 40 lb is marginal but keeps you from cracking the door.

For each strut, you need the following parts list.

1 - P/N 9416K362 strut 40lb (Specify force req.)
2 - P/N 9416K86 ball socket end
1 - P/N 9512K91 Flat ball bracket
1 - P/N 9512K92 90 degree bal bracket

These are available at

From bdub:
I ordered 2 of the above list. Cost was about $14.50 per strut. No tax and no shipping charge. I thought they needed another one on the other side of the door, so I order a couple more. They work great!

The first two struts I ordered were a little longer than the last two even though they were the same part number. The first two had a 8 1/4" stroke but the last two were only 7 7/8". They must have come from different batches, I guess. If you mount the flat mounting bracket on the door half the distance of the stroke from the center of the hinge, then it will be a perfect fit.

Since my first two struts had a 8 1/4" stroke, I mounted the center of the bracket 4 1/8" up from the hinge on the door (8 1/4" divided by 2 = 4 1/8"). The brackets for the other two struts were mounted 3 15/16" from the hinge because of their 7 7/8" stroke.

To locate the other bracket, assemble the strut with it's ball ends and ell shaped bracket. Hold the door up as far as you want it to open and mount the ell shaped bracket on the edge of the compartment where it falls.

Here's some pictures that might help explain what I did.

Important Note:   Mount these struts with the rod end down. The oil in the strut body will keep the rod seal better lubricated and therefore, last longer without leaking oil. If you make a mistake and mount them upside down like I did, it only takes a minute to pop the ends off the ball brackets and turn them over.