Jim Walkers
GMC Door Handle Lever

 This lever attached to the door handle makes it very easy to open the door. It is a chrome handle that blends well with the existing hardware and is so simple I wonder why someone else hadn't though of using one of the lever handles. The handle he has on his coach is rather expensive but I picked up a couple at a salvage yard for $2.00. The handle bolts to the center of the flapper handle on the inside of the door.
I think it gives you the same or maybe better leverage to open the door than the plastic additions I have seen on some coaches.

Jim is not going into the business of installing or making these available. This would be a do it yourself project. This is a solid brass, chrome plated lever handle bolted to the existing flap handle with a 3/8 bolt and large washer. It gives you added leverage in working the existing handle and makes it extremely easier to open the door. Cost of a good handle $2.00 to $50.00. Time to install 10 minutes.

Note of caution: This handle will interfere with a Birch screen door.