The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 99 in MD, 6/12/04

0 miles this trip. Odometer now 46,905. Miles this year 5,680.

From Jeff’s place in MD, Hi Everyone!!

On my last adventure, (the trip to NY) on the way home, we passed an 18 wheel truck and on the side of the trailer in great big letters were the words "DOLLAR GENERAL". I got to thinking about the DOLLAR Stores, besides Dollar General there is Dollar Tree and I believe there are others. I have seen many things for sale in them for $1.00 + tax. As I look into the future, I would like to make a prediction: By the time the election rolls around in November the Dollar stores will have to change their names to Five Dollar Store, because there will no longer be any thing selling for $1.00. If things continue as they are today, in five more years they will have to change their names to, Ten Dollar Store.

In the good old days, I was told that the USA government was, Of the people, By the people, and For the People. Over the years I have observed it working very well, until about three years ago. The worst disaster to strike the USA in my lifetime occurred. Now there has been a change, as I see it, the USA people are no longer in control. I see George W. Bush in control, and this is not good. While we have troops in Iraq, trying to covert them to a democratic government, (I know it will never, ever happen) Billions of US dollars are being spent every day to help them rebuild, and every day there are more explosions, and more soldiers being killed. Bush must be blind, he keeps telling me, that we are winning the war on terrorism. I see the number of terrorist increasing each day. The people in charge are concerned about the abuse of the Iraqi prisoners. I say, that when you are dealing with terrorist, you take no prisoners. They are willing to commit suicide if they can take some Americans with them, so I say, help them out but no Americans go with them.

While the people in charge are observing all their victories, they don’t notice the people from the Middle East and India, immigrating to the USA and, with the help from the liberal immigration laws, buying businesses. They will eventually be in complete control, I am thankful that I will no longer be around to enjoy it.

I know there are some readers of this, who see it as I see it, and some who do not. For those who do not, I say, keep this on file and in a few years, I will be proved "Right or Wrong" and I have some good news for you. You will not have to send me e-mail, telling me to take you off my mailing list. This is my last Adventure story, there are many reasons. Old age is the main one, along with, memory loss, the one finger that used to know it’s way around the keyboard keeps getting lost. Because of the big load of Spam that I get every day, I will be changing my e-mail address, I will send you all a message with the new address, my new address book will contain only the addresses of those who respond. To those who respond I will say that I will treat messages that are forwarded, as Spam and your address will be blocked. If you have something to forward to me, you will have to cut and past it to a personal note.

I will now tell you my opinion of some of the good things that the Bush administration has done and is doing. First; we all know that the world is overpopulated, only a very intelligent person would think of starting a never-ending war to lower the population. Second; all the interstate highways are over crowded, it takes a real brain to realize that if you raise the price of fuel high enough there will be less traffic. To do this just devalue the dollar and the price of every thing will go up, the higher price for food will trim the weight of all the fat people and help cut the population with some starvation. This will cause the wages to go up for the working class, then lower the income tax for the rich people so they can invest more money in the industries so that they can pay the higher wages. It will take a few years for this to play out so just be patient.

The End, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.


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