The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 95 in FL 2/15/2004

209 miles this trip. Odometer now 45,410. Miles this year 875.

From Key West, FL, Hi Everyone!!

I am convinced most of the merchants in FL are uncivilized and the further south I go the worse it is. I didn't know that greed is contagious but it must be, the US Navy down here has even caught it. I hate to think of what it will be like when George W. Bush gets done transferring the Nations wealth to Iraq. And like the Nations wealth, he believes that the US Soldiers are expendable also. In about two years I expect to spend $10 to get what cost $5 today. I wonder how much longer he will continue to send them money, and soldiers to kill?

So far, I find the weather here almost perfect. The facilities are very good and the rest rooms are the best I have found in a very long tine. As I see it the person who figures out where to locate the toilet paper thinks one of two ways: 1) Because it is used to wipe your bottom, it should be located below your bottom, as close to the floor as possible. 2) Because it is used to wipe your rear end, it should be located behind you when you are sitting on the throne. Here it is right there where it should be.

1/17/04 I drove the motorhome into town today to check things out. I was surprised when I saw a chicken in the street, I thought a tame chicken must have gotten out of it’s pen. And low and behold they were everywhere. When I stopped at the Hospital to check it out. I see a rooster and a hen with some baby chickens scratching in a flower bed. I asked a passerby about the chickens and I was told. "They are wild and they are all over the Keys". I asked "what keeps people from killing them and eating them?" They told me that the chickens eat tarantulas. I assume that gives them bad taste or maybe their meat is poisoned.

I have discovered the cleanest dirt anywhere on the earth here in the Keys. It is pure white in many places. The subsoil is all white, the texture ranges from powder to sand, to course gravel, to rock. Vegetation will grow in it but when they landscape, they raise the elevation with a light tan dirt trucked in from some place. When they lay sod that has dark dirt in it, on the white dirt and the ants make anthills, it looks like little piles of snow that never melt.

After three weeks, I was finally assigned to a site with full hookups, I'll be here two weeks and then go back to overflow and the bottom of the list for full hookups. This site, besides full hookups is a half-mile closer to the phones, the Internet connection and the commissary store. Now that I have AC power to my motorhome I can get some more Genealogy files printed and sent out. So I'll be busy for the next two weeks. My printer driver for the HP 722C printer is not compatible with Windows XP. It has a mind of it’s own and it is unpredictable, it wastes a lot of paper and ink, I have tried to find an up to date driver for it but was told that the printer is too old. I went out and got a new printer, a HP1100, it is the best thing that has happened to this old man in a long time. It does what I tell it to do including printing on both sides of the paper. With an optional paper tray for long paper it will print 4 pages on one sheet in the proper order so I could print a book with it, and it is fast. I will once again be able to print on envelopes.

I see just one problem (other than the high prices) with Key West. I think there are more Cubans living here than live in Cuba. And like the Mexicans, they will not speak English. I think they should pass a law that any one living and working in the USA must speak English when in public unless they are talking to a visitor from some other country. Some of the cashiers in the stores can't or won't speak English so I can understand them..

Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.

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