The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 93 in FL 12/20/2003

460 miles this trip. Odometer now 44,575. Miles this year 10,753.

From FL, A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all!!

I was wondering how I was going to survive Thanksgiving this year now that I came south early and couldn’t make it to the Cody’s in VA Beach, VA. Susie has had some health problems and I thought she would cancel the big party and family reunion that they have been having on Thanksgiving for several years now.

My friends: Dick and Janet Headly here in Sarasota came to my rescue and invited me to join them for Thanksgiving diner with their family and friends, Dick even provided transportation to and from. So I enjoyed a delicious turkey diner with all the trimmings and ate too much again. I am waiting for the oranges on the tree in their back yard to get ripe before going to Key West.

I checked out of the high priced Fun & Sun RV Park by Sarasota at the end of November and came over to Patrick AFB just below Cape Canaveral for the month of December. I was here three years ago and there are many improvements and the price is right, at a fraction of what it was at Fun & Sun, they even have free coffee and donuts on Thursday mornings

From the 12th to the 14th of Dec. I was at the Sunshine Statesman GMC Motorhome Rally at an RV Park up by Kissimmee. I met with many old friends and enjoyed seeing them but time has taken it’s toll, with my hearing getting worse and my memory gone I no longer enjoy the Motorhome Rallies like I used to. It is downright depressing to attend a Tech Session and not understand what is being said. I believe the Eastern States Rally Coming up Jan. 10 to 14 will be my last rally.

I will devote the rest of my time to Genealogy, I find it interesting and never ending. I have started to send Family Tree information to the younger generation. I delivered Family Tree information to my Grand Nephew Erick Sterling in Kissimmee last weekend but missed him as he was on a camping trip so I gave it to his Dad & Mom. It is for sure that Sunday was not a good day for camping as the rain started early and lasted all day. Better luck next time Erick.

In talking to the people in the RV Park here at Patrick AFB I have heard good and bad reports about Key West. Many of them are going to Key West so it looks like it will be crowded down there. As I understand it, the two lane road going there could be very crowded so it may be a slow trip and I’ll make sure to top off the fuel tanks before starting. If it wasn’t so cold and windy here at Patrick I would stay here all winter. It is one of the friendliest Parks I have been in.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

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