The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 90 in SD,NE,IA,MO,IL,IN,OH,WV & MD 9/20/2003

1,692 miles this trip. Odometer now 42,844. Miles this year 8,382.

From VA, MD Hi Everyone!

Well! It looks like you can count me as one of the dumb animals. My two cousins in NE jumped all over me for saying all mules are female. They tell me they remember their Dads having male mules. I don’t remember ever seeing a male mule and I read it or someone told me they were all female.

About a week after I got the stitches from my surgery removed I see a spot appear on the back of my left hand that looks and acts like skin cancer. I wonder if it showed up as a result of the surgery? I’ll keep an eye on it for awhile and show it to the Doc before I head south.

As I write this, the news is telling me that the big hurricane "Isabel" may in two or three days, put me out of my misery. Me & My Shadow, the Chincoteage, VA ponies and Ocean City, MD could all become just a memory. I hope I’ll still be here to send this story out.

The return trip from Sioux Falls went well till I got in the mountains of WV. I did have some nice visits in my old hometown and other towns in NE Nebr. with all the folks I missed on the last time there. When I got in the Mountains of WV the transmission in he old GMC started acting up. It would up-shift at a very high speed with a "thunk". I had to be over 60 MPH to be in high gear so I had to be on interstates to run in high gear. When I got it in the shed at Jeff’s I jacked it up, took the pan off the tranny, put a new $42.00 filter in it and fresh oil. It needed all of the above but the problem turned out to be a disconnected vacuum line going to the vacuum modulator. How it got disconnected while driving I don’t know but reconnecting it fixed the problem.

Isabel spared me, if my 8th cousins 3 times removed (the Wright brothers) would have been at Kitty Hawk they could have taken quite a ride yesterday. The wind and rain here at Alexis and Jeff’s were a little above normal but not near as bad as I was expecting. We did move the vehicles out in the open, so they would not be crushed by a falling tree. We were prepared to be without power for a while, but the lights never blinked. Today, everything is back to normal right here in MD where I am, but they do have problems in southern VA and NC. I just heard that there is a large area in MD still without power this afternoon so I guess we were lucky right here. We must be doing something right.

In genealogy I am now looking at the ancestry of the Princess of Wales and I find that we share many of them.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

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