The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 88 in MD 7/16/2003

0 miles this trip. Odometer now 39,641, miles this year 6,179.

From MD, Hi Everyone!

Since my arrival here in VA & MD the weather has been very uncooperative with a whole lot of rain. This makes for mosquitoes thicker than flies and molasses. And for some reason they all want some of my blood. Unless I get a transfusion I don’t think I’ll have enough to go around.

I ordered a rebuilt Power Master brake system from AutoZone and got it in a couple days. I see I’ll have to modify the new one so I can use the Radio Shack Relay that I installed while on the side of the road several years ago when the relay on the old one failed as I was coming east out of Denver, CO.. I don’t want to go through that again. I have been waiting for the rain to stop and the humidity to go down before I install the new system as the brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air when the system is open.

The rain finally stopped but the humidity hung on so I went to work burning a large tree stump and trunk that had blown down several months ago. When the rains stop and it gets dry, burning is prohibited so it is a small window open for burning. I had the fire going for five days and four nights and got the job done.

I have had a sore on my right arm for four years. It gets a scab on it that comes off and then it gets another scab, it is less than 1/8th inch in diameter and it never gets any bigger. I finally showed it to a dermatologist, he informed me that it is skin cancer and it would never go away. I have an appointment to have him take it off on July 21st. I was thinking of burning it off with matches like I did in my younger days to get rid of warts. After burning the wart off it never came back and there was no scar. I didn’t have the money for a doctor so I would just grit my teeth and bear the pain, it worked every time. I remember telling a friend about it, he had a big wart on the inside of his wrist, he started burning the wart, I thought he was never going to stop. He used a lot of matches and the odor of burning flesh was pretty strong, when he stopped he had a pretty large area on his wrist burned. He never once flinched, needles to say, he got rid of the wart. When I was on a Seaplane Tender in WW2 I got a wart on one of my toes, I went to sick-bay and the hospital corpsman used acid to take it off. I had to go back several times, there was no pain, but it took a lot longer to get rid of the wart than by burning it with a match. I don’t believe people have as many warts as we used to have, I wonder why?

Reminiscing about the seaplane tender brought back another adventure I had while on that ship. I had not been in the navy very long and was assigned mess-cook duty. Another mess-cook and myself were told to go down to the storage hold two decks below the mess deck and bring up two 100 lbs. bags of beans. I knew he was a city slicker when he looked at the size of a 100 lbs. bag of beans and said he didn’t think one man could make it up the ladders with a bag of beans. The ladders were pretty steep and the bag was pretty heavy. I’m not a gambling man but being raised on a farm, I bet him ten bucks that if he could get his bag of beans on top of the bag I had on my shoulder I could make it up the ladders with 200lbs. of beans. He did it, and I did it. I had to, in those days ten bucks was a lot of money. It would buy as much as 50 bucks will buy today. Not long after that adventure, after I got off the ship and was on Florida Island not far from Guadalcanel Island and I made another ten-dollar bet that I could put a 55gal. Steel barrel full of aviation gas up into a truck bed by my-self. This was more of a strain than the two bags of beans. I did it, and that was the last 10-dollar bet that I ever made.

Now that I’m getting old and feeble with a bad heart it is hard for me to think of the strength and endurance I once had. I doubt if today I could put an empty steel barrel up into a truck bed.

I have been helping Jeff with some projects but I have little strength and no endurance. It is much worse since my adventure in Phoenix, AZ with the doctor and the new defibrillator. I have also been working on my genealogy files, I now have over 19,000 names in my computer.

Oh Yes! I almost forgot. I think I now know why the little 5 year-old girl sounded so good when she sang the National Anthem at the rally in Bowling Green, KY. I was recently reading an article in an old copy of Discover Magazine. It was about Perfect Pitch, not many Americans have it in their voice. From what I read I would say that the little girl is one of the few Americans who have Perfect Pitch.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

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