The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 85 in AZ, & CA 4/16/2003
846 miles this trip. Odometer now 35,178 miles this year 1716.

From San Diego, Hi Everyone!

I am now in the RV Park at El Centro NAS and I'm once again feeling great after the disaster in the Hospital in Mesa, AZ. I have not yet found out why I was treated the way I was in the hospital. I had told them the pills I was taking and Doctor Kaplan forbid them to give me the pills I had been taking and he put me on Pacerone and Coumadin. Sometime in the past they tried those pills and it didn't work then and it didn't work this time. The RNs in the hospital would not do any thing they were not ordered to do by Doctor Kaplan. After I got out of the hospital I decided that I was not going to follow his orders. I decided to stop taking his pills and go back to the ones I knew would work. Before I could figure out how to do it and not have a reaction between the two pills the Coumadin caused my left ear to bleed internally. I was sleeping on my right side so the left ear could not drain. When I awoke in the morning it felt like the ear had a wax buildup in it. I had Ron (a doctor) check it. He informed me what had happened and he told me the hearing would return to normal in four to six weeks. It is improving. I decided to stop taking Doc. Kaplan's pills, waited one day and went back on my pills. I had no problems and am now back to enjoying life.

When I went back in to have the staples taken out and was told that I would not see Doctor Kaplan I raised a little Hell. I demanded to see him (I had never seen him). When he showed up, he was not interested in what I had to say. I demanded that he give the order to set the pacer back to 50 beats per min. He did this, then told me he wanted to see me in six weeks. I informed him that if I saw a doctor in six weeks it damn sure would not be him! I hope to be in Sioux Falls in three months, when I will get this new defibrillator checked by people I can trust.

I have been trying to figure out why Doctor Kaplan did what he did and a thought crossed my mind. He saw me as a source of income. If I kept taking his pills I would have to keep going back to him every few weeks. An RN would take my BP and check my blood, He would get a big check from Medicare and my supplemental insurance. I would not live very long and he would have to setup another source of income.

I like this RV Park here at El Centro. The campers are very friendly, I am parked between a fold down camping trailer and a big Diesel Pusher. The price is right, $70.00 per week compared to $142.00 per week at the one in Phoenix and this park is four times better than the one in Phoenix. I extended my stay here another week to let the temps. go higher and the price of gas go lower, they might even go higher. It is $2.12 per gal. on the base and .20 cents higher off base. When I leave here and go to San Diego I might see some $3.00 per Gal. gas so I'll have to drive with a light foot and look for shortcuts.

I remembered an adventure I had on this base about 50 years ago. My friend, Hamilton, the one I wrote about when he and I got to off load from the Carrier in Japan with the Demon aircraft. The squadron was over here for Gunnery practice and Hamilton had driven his VW Beetle over and parked it on a parking lot between two cars. A bunch of guys had picked it up, turned it 90 degrees and sat it down again. It still fit between the two cars but there was no way he could move it without damaging the cars on each end of it. I helped him round up enough guys and we picked it up and carried it out from between the parked cars so he could drive it.


The days keep getting longer and the nights are shorter, it's bound to get warmer. The price of gas has dropped 10 cents on the base (now $2.02) and it sounds like it could go lower so I'll be heading west on Sat. 4/5/2003. I walked around the base yesterday, It is a different world today than it was 50 years ago. More civilians and fewer sailors. The civilians have taken over a lot of the shore duty billets from the sailors. And in my 78 years I have never seen a civilian Gov. employee earn the money they are paid and unless they commit murder, they can not be fired.

My first visit in San Diego was with Kelly & Annette and the girls. Meggan is now 3 years old, you remember, three years ago I told you about the beautiful tiny baby with the long wavy black hair. She now has a little sister eight months old, no long wavy black hair on this one, but I give Mia a few years and she will be bigger than her older sister. I had one problem with this visit, they live on a hill and I parked on an incline and should have turned the refrigerator off. It stopped refrigerating. A new one would cost $1,600.00 so I spent a little over $1,000.00 to have the old one repaired. It's now good as new and you can bet I'll remember to turn it off when parked on an incline.

I had a nice visit with my cousin Mabel, her daughter Joan and her granddaughter Kailyn. I am in the process of organizing and printing Kailyn's Family tree, some branches go back 29 generations. I am still adding names to the files in my computer. I now have over 17,000 names all linked to each other in some way. It keeps getting more complicated and I spend a lot of time correcting errors.

The weather is not cooperating but the price of gas is slowly starting to come down, I topped off on the Naval Station for $197.9. It sure takes the fun out of driving when the gallon meter on the pump is very slow and the dollar meter is spinning so fast it is just a blur.

I'll be heading north from San Diego next week and make a few visits around the LA area before heading to Boise, ID.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

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