The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 84 in AZ 3/15/2003
144 miles this trip. Odometer now 34332, miles this year 870

From Phoenix, AZ, Hi Everyone!
Like I said in the last letter, I want to tell you more about the nuclear power plant at Palo Verde where Mike works. It was one of the last nuclear plants built here in the USA before the environmentalists got the construction of them stopped about eighteen years ago. A few years ago I had the good fortune to have Mike give me a tour of the plant. I was impressed by the security, the safety and the size of it. I see condemning nuclear power, as one the worst things the environmentalists could have done, if they are really concerned about atmospheric pollution. One environmentalist by just breathing does more to pollute the atmosphere than a nuclear power plant does by operating for a year. I see them as clean energy, just as clean as wind energy, solar energy and the water turbine energy. The only emissions being emitted from them are the hot air and the gas emitted from opposite ends of the employees. I'm sure that the environmentalists and the politicians emit more of these pollutants than all the nuclear plants combined.

As I see it, the polluted atmosphere we have today was caused by wild fires, by oil and coal fired power plants and by all the fuel burning devices. Not only my old GMC motorhome with it's gasoline engine and propane furnace. It includes all the vehicles on land; all the aircraft in the air and all the ships at sea excepting the aircraft carriers and submarines that are nuclear powered. So I would think the environmentalists would be promoting atomic energy instead of condemning it. They should be promoting electric, solar and hydrogen as forms of energy for cars. And they could be promoting mass transit using electric power produced by nuclear energy, if they are really concerned about pollution.

We could have a couple breeder reactors to not only produce electricity but also to produce fuel for themselves and for other reactors as well.

I have included some pictures to give you an idea of the size of the plant at Palo Verde. The object being transported is one steam generator, there are two of these for each reactor and there are three reactors at Palo Verde. The steam generator on the transporter is 75 feet in length 17.5 feet in width and it weighs 800 tons. There are 12,580 steel tubes inside it. And in case you are wondering, there are 224 tires on the transporter.

I got a colonoscopy and everything checked OK. I got my defibrillator checked and the battery voltage was below the "replace voltage" and I was told to get it replaced as soon as possible. I was given a phone number to call Maryanne to set up an appointment. I called the number and got an answer machine, I left a message and Mike's phone number to call me back. The problem was I put a 2 where I should have put a 7. Every time Maryanne called that number she got an answer machine and left her message. I finally drove to the hospital and met Maryanne and she got me set up for surgery by a Doctor Kaplan on Friday 7 Mar. at 11:30 AM. I arrived at the parking lot at 6:00 AM in order to find a place to park the old motorhome. I figured I could spend the next night there in the parking lot rather than ask Mike to take another day off from work to be my driver.

Things didn't go as planned. I checked in at 10:00 as I was told to do, filled out all the paperwork and was prepped for surgery. After surgery with a new Defibrillator there was a problem with my blood pressure. They cranked the new Defib. up from 40 beat per min. to 60. My blood pressure stayed at 80 over 40 all of Friday night, and all day Saturday. It had several RNs in a panic trying to get it higher. Never in my life have I ever seen it that low. For the last three years with the old Defib. it was usually 120 over 60 with the pulse between 50 and 60. Now the pulse was in the high seventies. The RNs were getting advice from someone, I expected it to be Doc. Kaplan. I had an IV in my left arm they were giving me pills and the pressure cuff on my right arm was reading the pressure every few min. and it stayed at 80 over 40. I kept telling them to get someone with the computer to come in and set the pacer back down to 50 beats per min. Late Saturday the guy shows up with the computer and checks the Defib. and told me it was working just fine. He said he couldn't change the pacer setting without a doctors order. I told him that a little over three years ago with my old Defib. someone set the pacer up to 60 beats per min. to pump more blood as I was having trouble getting my breath. When I got back up to Sioux Falls Doc Olson ask me if I noticed any difference with the pacer set at 60. I told him I did not see any difference so he turned it back down to 50 and instantly I could feel a big improvement. This guy tells me that this new Defib. is so much better than the old one its like comparing a Cadilac to a VW Bug. I now wish they had put a new battery in my old Defib. I finally talked the Defib. guy into setting the pacer down to 50 beats per min. and take one pressure reading and he could turn it back up. At fifty beats per min. I saw the high reading was 108 I could not see the low reading or the pulse. And I couldn't believe it, he turned it back up to 60 beats per min. During Saturday night my BP gradually went up and I finally got out of the hospital at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. They also put me on some different drugs. I have not yet seen the Doctor and I think it is uncivilized for a Doctor to not come into my room and talk to me either before or after surgery, preferably both.

I know they are overworked down here because of all the old people like me that spend the winter down here. I demanded to be able to talk to the Doctor on the 18th when I go back in to get the staples taken out. I was told it would happen, I will demand that he slow the pacer down to 50 and put me back on the drugs that had given me over three years of pleasure before the battery went dead on the old Defib. If I don't see him or if he will not do what I tell him to do I will get on some long underwear, get on a plane, fly to Sioux Falls, SD. where I know they will do what has to be done. I took one BP reading with my BP cuff in the motorhome the first day out of the hospital and it stopped working, just when I need it the most. The company that made it is in San Diego. If I don't have to fly to Sioux Falls I will go there after I get the staples out to have it repaired, a new one costs $200.00. I have to have it, it plugs into my computer and records each beat of my heart when I read my BP. After it has recorded several tests it will show a trend. It records the date and time of day and any comment I care to make about the test.

I am now at my sister Norma & Bob's place in Lake Havasu City, AZ waiting for one more envelope to arrive. Jenny forwarded three of them at the same time several days ago and our very efficient US Postal Service only delivered two of them today.

Well, I am out of room with this letter so you will have to wait till next month when I will fill you in on how the meeting with the Doc. went.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.


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