The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 79 in VA & MD 10/20/02 564 miles this trip, odometer now 29,643, total miles this year 34,203

From Delmar, MD, Hi Everyone!

I had a nice visit with Jenny and her family. I survived the mosquito attack and enjoyed the good food before heading out on my next adventure.

After my bad adventures at Nashville my first good adventure was going to Round Top Campground at Gettysburg, PA to a Tidewater Crabs GMC Motorhome Club Rally. The trip went well. We got a little rain on the first day but we had a shelter to meet in and I had a lot of nice visits with all my old friends and some new ones. The food was outstanding and as always happens when I’m having a good time, the rally was too soon over.

I had an unexpected Adventure on my way south from the rally in Gettysburg, PA. I was trying to stretch the $1.219 gas that I had found in VA Beach, VA and the thought crossed my mind that if I could stretch it to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD I should find the best price. I made it and went in and paid $1.399. When I headed east from the Academy I was watching to see how much I saved and the first station I went by had it for $1.389 and the second one had it for $1.359. I’ll know better next time. Here in Salisbury, MD I see it for $1.319.

I backed the old motorhome into the shed at Jeff & Alexis’ place, put it up on blocks and started giving it the TLC that it has earned. I notice that each year that I do this I slow down. This year as slow as I am, I still get ahead of my heart and have to take a lot of breaks to let it catch up. I sure would like to trade my defibrillator in for an adjustable mechanical heart with a 12 VDC adapter so I could plug it in when I am driving the old GMC and speed it up when I have work to do. The old GMC is in better shape than I am. It has been running like a new one ever since I put that restriction in the PCV hose. The fuel consumption and oil consumption are both down and the engine performance is improved. Examining the tires and checking the alignment tells me there is no need for changes. I did find a nail in one tire but there was no leak when I pulled the nail out.

The weather here in MD is not what I would call good, with a lot of dark damp days. I will sure be glad when I can head south to FL. But will have to wait till after 5 Dec when I get my defibrillator checked in VA Beach, VA.

When I listen to the news these days with the terrorist groups and the sniper in the DC area I am glad my tour is about finished. I feel sorry for the younger generation, if I can get a new defibrillator or a mechanical heart to give me ten more years I will be glad to cash in my chips. My GMC friends all tell me that GMCM International Club will not allow a vote to change the club to be more friendly. I now think I have figured out why they want it like it is. A more friendly club would attract more coaches to the rallies making more work for the paid administrator. I have decided to drop my membership in GMCMI and enjoy the other more friendly clubs and enjoy just driving my old GMC.

I'm still getting work done on my Genealogy files I now have 7,575 names in the computer. I am also working on a couple junkyard riding mowers for Mark and Jeff. They got them for nothing thinking Dad needs something to do. I cleaned and put a new carburetor float in one of them, it works like a new one.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.