The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #73 in ID.
53 miles this trip, odometer now 119671, total miles this year 5770.

Meridian, ID, Hi Everyone!

First, I want to update you on the mail system. My DD (dumb daughter) is now a SD, (smart Daughter) she got the zip code right and it only took 7 days for the mail to make the trip, that's a little better than the Pony Express. My SD informed me of more mail later on, that had a map of how to get to the campground at Prescott, AZ for the next rally, and I needed that so I told her to send it from Sanford, VA close to where she lives. She has been sending it from Parksley when she goes shopping and gets more mail. Now, the Post Office in Sanford is in one corner of the residence of the post mistress, she is the only VEPE (Very Efficient Postal Employee)
working there. On the other hand the Post Office in Parksley has several VEPEs working there and I assumed it would be more efficient. I was wrong! The standard first class mail coming out of Sanford took less than half the
time as it did coming out of Parksley where they have several VEPEs, tells me that more VEPEs is not the solution to the problem.

Next I have to tell you that the weather has not been too nice, a few mornings I woke up to see frost and the high temps in the 50's, one morning the temp was down in the 20's. It doesn't look like we will get any work done on the roof this month, Dave is pretty well booked and won't be able to get any time off till next month. I have been working on genealogy and Dave has shown me some things on the computer that I was un-aware of. I just wish I could remember everything he showed me. I went with him on one job to fix a problem with a new sound system in a church. He has quite a reputation for fixing impossible problems with sound systems. He has been working with sound systems since he was in high-school, he never attended college as a student but he has taught some college classes on sound systems and acoustics. He has some equipment to help him figure things out but he seems to be an expert in interpreting what the equipment tells him. Several years ago he was testing speakers for a company in Seattle, WA and I helped him build a turn-table to rotate the speakers during the testing. A few years ago New York City had him there for his input at a conference on solving the problems with noise in Central Park. He is now designing the sound system for a new Basket Ball Stadium being built in Wichita Falls, Texas. They sent him the blue prints for the construction and he fed the info into his computer and drew in the location of the speakers, the junction boxes and the conduits. I heard him on the phone telling them to be
sure to have pull strings in the conduits to pull the conductors into them when the system is installed.

Because of the weather I didn't get the old GMC serviced till my refrigerator crapped out. It is a Norcold 2 way, Propane & 120VAC. I have had it about 12 years. When I first got it, I had a problem with the propane
not lighting when on the road. After I adjusted the flame rod I haven't had any problems with it. I made a few phone calls and when I called Rogers RV, I liked the tone of the voice on the other end when it said, "bring it in
and they would check it out".

After Sam (the refrigerator guy) pointed out a smoked resister and determined that I had a bad circuit board, ordered one and said it would be in the next morning, I stopped at a car parts place and got a carb air
filter, went home and serviced the Motorhome. I expected the air filter to be plugged up from the dust storm I went through in Nevada and I was surprised when I see the paper filter was not too bad but there was a lot of
sand in the bottom of the housing. I have ram air going to the carburetor and it rammed a lot of sand in that was too heavy for the air to pull it into the filter. I cleaned it out and also moved the oil filter rubber seal from the old filter up to the oil cooler adapter, as it was starting to leak a little.

I went back to Roger's RV the next morning and the new circuit board did not get the frig. running so we removed it and left it there, Sam said he had other jobs to finish and he would call me when he got it going. In a couple days he called and said it was ready. He said all he did was clean a lot of contacts. He and his helper put it back in place and I told him I could do the connections and fasten it in place. I went in to pay the bill and was supprised that they treated me right $175.00 for the circuit board and labor. If you GMC drivers are in this area and have refrigerator problems I would recommend Roger's RV Service & Repair at 3741-1/2 Chinden Blvd. (US 20/26 Hyways) Phone 208-367-0721.

I want to get this letter out before I head to Prescott, AZ for the Western States GMC Motorhome rally and I have to stop at Mountain Home Air Force Base to get some refills on my prescriptions so I will have to leave
this Friday.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.


Me & My Shadow & Gus on the road