The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #60 in ID,UT,WY,NE & IA 4/29/01
1328 miles this trip, odometer now 7944 total, miles this year 7523.
From Crescent, IA. Hi Everyone!
The first week in ID the weather reminded me in no uncertain terms that I was too far north to early. Day time temp had to struggle to get up in the 50s, at night it slid down into the 20s. I woke up to find frost every morning with a chance of rain or snow. My catalytic propane heater ran every night and now I will say that it was a good investment. There is no noise it uses no electricity and very little gas. The second week found the temps about 20 degrees warmer with some sunshine. Dave had to go to work but I did manage to remove the rotted plywood soffit from the back side of the house. On the weekend when Dave was available, we salvaged several rows of shingles and decided to replace two feet of plywood. We were able to replace the plywood and cover it with plastic as Dave had to go back to work and rain was forecast for the next week.
On Wednesday, Dave took his equipment to measure the sound coming through the walls from adjoining condominium town houses. They were up on the canyon rim in a new project in Twin Falls, ID. I went with him and found it to be a very interesting day. A new owner of a just completed unit was inspecting it before moving in and claimed he heard his neighbor cough. He was unhappy and gave the contractor hell. Someone had told the contractor about Dave and his computer that measures sound. Dave was called and agreed to go Twin Falls and check it out for $500. From what I saw, I would bet that the town house cost several million dollars and I can see why the new owner was unhappy. Even with my bad hearing, I could hear the speaker through the wall. The new owner and his wife, The contractor who built it, And the guy who designed it were all listening to a speaker on the other side of the wall that they should not be hearing. Dave will write a report and send it to them and they will have to figure out what has to be done.
After measuring the sound coming through the wall and checking it with the building codes Dave said it passed the requirements. I guess the owners will have to wear ear plugs or find another place to live, sometimes having bad hearing has it’s advantages.
On another rainy day I took some time to go over to Caldwell and visit my friends Bill & Betty Hubler, he is the crop duster that is never happy with the engines on the planes and replaces them with turboprop engines. He was at it again, replacing an 1820 cubic inch radial gas engine with a more powerful, lighter weight turbine engine. It is so much lighter that he has to extend it a few feet forward to keep the center of gravity where it should be. This makes a more streamlined aircraft with much more power. He has a lot more work to do to get it ready for the season that starts in a few weeks. I am surprised that he didn’t find a turbine engine for his GMC motorhome. He did replace the 455 cid engine with a 6.5 turbo diesel, and I believe that to be a great improvement. He did take time to show me a video of his catamaran sail boat and says he and his wife are going to sail it to the south pacific next year. I wish them smooth sailing but I have been to the south pacific on aircraft carriers and I sure would not want to make the trip on a small sailboat.
Dave finally took some time off from his work and we finished the roof repair we had started, it tuned out better than I expected. Having worked for a roofing company in my younger days I can tell you, that the time to do roofing is when you are young. These old bones and mussels just don’t work like they used to. I recalled a long time ago when we re-shingled a Catholic Church in a small town in northeast Nebraska that at one time used artesian water. A new well had been drilled and the water was better but water from the old pipes had a terrible odor, you had to hold your nose to drink it. We decided we would drink beer rather than water and we asked the Priest if we could put a case of beer in his refrigerator. He not only OK’d it but he would bring the beer up the ladder to us when we would get thirsty, the ladder was extended over 20 feet to the eve and it would bounce when anyone came up it. He was a good old Priest.
I called to make a Doctors appointment in Sioux Falls, SD and would have to wait over a month so I think I’ll head south to I-80 and bypass Sioux Falls. Wyoming has better prices on gas than Montana and I’m sure the weather will be better. I’ll make an appointment at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.
On Friday 4/27/01 I heard on the news that the price of fuel was soon to be jacked up another dime for the summer traffic. I read that as the 1st of May and ten cents a gal boils down to 3 or 4 dollars per fill on the motorhome so I headed south and east after coffee on Sat. morning. I had a cloudy sky so didn’t have the morning sun in my eyes. I had a mild tail wind going south or I-84 and a mild west wind on I-80 across WY and that helped. The traffic was light till the last 50 miles coming south into Salt Lake City. The traffic east was light till I got close to Lincoln and from there to Omaha. About 1:30 am I pulled into a rest area and slept for 1&1/2 hours and when I headed out, the wind had picked up but it was mostly south but some times I see it helping me and some times I could see it against me. Over all I think it helped me more than hurt me. I wasn’t supprised to see a lot of snow at higher elevations east of Salt Lake City but I was supprised to find a lot of snow next to the Interstate on the east side of the Divide. It was 2 to 3 feet deep where it had drifted behind the snow fences to keep it off the Interstate. After dark off on the east horizon I could see lightning flashes as I caught up with it they were off to either side but we didn’t get much rain. Off to the left of the windshield above the dark cloud on the horizon I saw what at first I thought was a shooting star, after thinking about it I believe it could have been a piece of space junk coming down. It started at a fast pace, then slowed rapidly till it was again dark. What I did get a lot of before noon was some migrating Painted Lady butterflies. I don’t know what they had to eat but they sure painted the front of the motorhome a bright yellow, Including the windshield.
Its hard telling how much I saved by making the trip before the 1st of May. I do know that the price was always higher as I came east. The first price was $1.489, then $1.509, $1.539 and last $1.599. I got a cent off of these prices We’ll just have to see where it goes next month.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.


Me & My Shadow & Gus on the road.


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