The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #55 in VA, MD & DE 12/19/00

0 miles this trip, odometer now 73,179 total, miles this year 21,005.

From MD, Hi Everyone!

Sometimes I wonder if there is a conspiracy to keep me out of Florida till they decide who the next president will be. I talked to my surgeon (Captain Snyder USN Med. Corps) on 12/1 and he informed me that he was taking two weeks off and he gave me a number to call on 12/15 to find out when in Jan. the operation will be scheduled. I don’t mind the waiting but it’s getting too cold up here and the $20 round trip bridge/tunnel fare is killing me.

I e-mailed the Headley’s in Sarasota to see if the oranges were ripe. I was informed the oranges and grapefruit in the neighbors yard were ready now but their orange tree was a later variety and may still be good in January. I would sure hate to miss loading up on oranges this year.

Looks like it is a good time to do some genealogy research, my sister-in-law wants me to check on the Sharpley name in the courthouse at Snow Hill, MD so I’ll go there tomorrow and I hope their furnace is working OK, I’ll let you know how it goes. My daughters family is moving into a new home, I would like to go help them but I’m afraid this hernia would be a problem if I lifted any thing. When she gets her computer moved in I may go down and help her get back on line.

The only info I found in Snow Hill were marriage and deeds. I found one marriage where I had an estimated date and from the deeds I found that all the Sharpley’s were involved with the oyster industry. I was told I’ll have to go to Baltimore the find birth and death dates. I plan to go there when the weather improves.

I winterized the motorhome as this weather wants to stay below normal. It must be five or six years since I had winterized it. It is not in my plans to be in a place that is cold but this year my plans are not working out. After I winterized it I made a trip in it to Jenny’s, just to make sure I still know how to drive it, and woke up with about 2 inches of snow. She is always ordering snow and it is always delivered to me. This is one time I was in the right place, I wish she would stop ordering snow. Nobody needs snow.

18/12/00 Finally got in contact with the hospital today, I tried on the 15th and could not get to the right person to fix me up with an appointment for the surgery. It is now set for the 2nd of Jan, they want me to check in on 28th of Dec. to make sure every thing is ready. Looks like I’ll spend Christmas with Jenny then go down to VA Beach and lean on my sister-in-law Virginia and see the New Year in with her.

After I wrote the above paragraph I went into town to do some shopping and when I got home I got a message that my appointment for the 2nd was cancelled. I called the hospital and the nurse that gave me the appointment said that just after I hung up the phone The surgeon called and said that he wouldn’t be available on the second. I am now looking at the 10th of Jan. and I hope it works, at least we got a president elected and I’m sure that I’ll get the surgery some time in 2001. It could be worse, I could be up there in Nebraska where I used to live and from what I see on TV I don’t think I could take it.

I hope to fill you in on the surgery in the next letter from Florida and get his letter on its way to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

Me & My Shadow, with Gertrude, Gus & Keith on the road.


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