The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #54 in VA, MD & DE 11/21/00
0 miles this trip, odometer now 73,179 total, miles this year 21,005.
From VA, Hi Everyone!
Well, I did get down to Portsmouth Naval Hospital for a pre-op appointment and the operation is now set for Nov 16th. I hope it isn’t delayed any longer as I wanted to make the Sunshine Statesmen rally in Florida the first weekend in December.
When I went down to Portsmouth for the appointment I enjoyed a couple days in Va. Beach with my nephew Jimmy and his family as his mother had other company. When the other company left I had a short visit with Virginia and while I was there her twin 17 year old granddaughters Jennifer & Elizabeth showed up. Each carrying what looked like a baby, They told me it was a class project to learn how to make babies. They started with a 5 lb. Bag of flower and with panty hose stuffed with cotton, they made the head, arms and legs. They did a very good job, they then had to take them every where they went for a few days. I guess it was to discourage them from making the real thing. When I was a 17 year old, living in farming country in Nebraska, we all knew how to make babies, we also knew how not to make babies. If you don’t want the heifers pregnant you kept them away from the bull. It worked very well. We also learned that a plain old aspirin makes a very good birth control pill. The gal just clamps it between her knees at the appropriate time and it works very well. What really turned me against sex, was when I was 17 years old and enlisted in the Navy. We were shown a lot of VD movies in boot camp, it sure made a believer out of me, that you can live without sex. I believe they could forget about those bags of flower and show those VD movies to 17 year olds today and do more to prevent teenage pregnancies.
I made the hospital appointment on the 16th and when I was being prepped for the OR, Dr. Snyder the surgeon said he wanted my defibrillator turned off but first he wanted an EKG to see how my heart was performing. That was when the shit hit the fan, the EKG showed a very dangerous heart rhythm. By checking my defibrillator, they found that it had started about two weeks earlier. I felt good and the blood flow was OK so my defibrillator didn’t care. My surgery is postponed till the heart rhythm is back to normal. The cardiology dept. wanted to review the medical records from Sioux Valley hospital. I should have taken them with me. I made another $10 payment on the bridge tunnel to return to the motorhome and I have an appointment on 11/21 to deliver them.
The hernia keeps getting worse but I have very little pain now. If I stand for any length of time it will come out and I have to push it back in. To control this I bought a tight fitting pair of compression shorts. By cutting a hole in the crotch for my plumbing and family jewels to go through, more pressure is applied where I need it and I don’t have to lower them to water the grass. I have a blood pressure cuff and a computer program that I use to monitor my blood pressure and heart rhythm, I see some improvement in the rhythm. I hope it keeps improving so I can have the operation and head for Florida, it’s getting too damn cold up here.
I made the appointment on 11/21 and after reading medical records from Sioux Valley, Dr. Shows the cardiologist, informed me that I shouldn’t be here. He said I was the only person he has seen that survived a heart attack like the one I had back in 1990. He did an EKG and my heart is ready for the surgery. He wants me back tomorrow morning without any breakfast so I can have my cholesterol tested. He wants to put me on some cholesterol medicine that he says will give a little more time even to a person not prone to heart attacks. I’ll take any thing he offers. I now have an appointment on 12/01 to again talk to Dr. Snyder about the surgery. He is a very busy Dr. so I hope I can get the surgery this year. Will fill you in on how the surgery went in my next letter.
Even I, don’t understand why I am still here and so many of my friends I thought were in good health are now gone. In looking at the ages in the obituary column I figure I must be doing something right, the list of ages less than mine keeps getting longer and the list of those older than me keeps getting shorter. When I get there, I want to see the other ages all less than mine. One thing that may contribute most to my longevity is being happy. Yes, I was happy the day I was born and I have had a very interesting and happy life. The road I traveled has not been easy and smooth, had a few big bumps but I can always find someone who has had it worse than I have. I feel sorry for those who travel on an easy and smooth road, I know that they can’t be having as much fun as I am having. I always enjoyed the work I was doing, much of it was hard work and I remember the long hours but most, I remember the thrill when the job was done. I was happy that I was able to do it, so many are not. I remember the gal in Calif. Who wanted to die at 50 years, she must never have known true happiness, and she had always traveled on the smooth easy road. Another thing that I believe contributes to my longevity is controlling my weight, I do that by staying hungry. And of course there is the 1976 GMC Motorhome, I keep her young and she keeps me young. We both have fun in our travels.
I was happy to submit a plan for the presidential election in 2004 that would prevent all the problems they had in Florida this year from happening again. Some friends and I were discussing the election and I told them of my plan. They told me that Morley Safer the TV reporter is a friend of theirs, might be interested in it. I sent it to him and if he can do something with it, we will all be happy in 2004. The first thing, in my opinion, is to do away with that stupid Electoral College, it should have been done away with when the telephone was invented. If it had been, Al Gore would have won the election, (I voted for George W. Bush) and we would know who the next president is.
Don’t eat too much turkey and I hope to send the next letter from somewhere in Florida, I wonder if we will know who the next president will be?

Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

Me & My Shadow, with Gertrude, Gus & Keith on the road.


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