The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #49 in VA,MD & DE
No miles this trip, odometer now 65,438 total, miles this year 12,984.
From , Delmar, MD, Hi Everyone!
After overhauling the carb. I decided to give the engine a tune up. I have done nothing to it since it was rebuilt. I pulled the spark plugs, they looked good but the gaps were a little excessive after running fast and pulling hard for about 70,000 miles. They are Split-Fire plugs that I got for free before the engine was rebuilt. Jeff was then a Video News photographer and got a coupon from someone at a race track. I used the coupon and found them to be very good spark plugs. I re-gapped them and re-installed them. I’ll check them at 100,000 miles. While I had them out I checked the compression, everything looked good. I re-lubed the distributor, it needs it about every 10,000 miles. I had the dashboard cover off so, re-lubed the speedometer cable with a mixture of oil & dry graphite. I still need a new speedometer, I have been keeping track of mileage with the driving computer each time I fill the fuel tanks.
I got side tracked from working on the GMC by computers. I was having a problem with mine, Jenny had a problem with hers and Alexis was having a problem with hers. I hate computers, but today they are a necessary evil. The weather was also a problem, only a few days up in my comfort zone. The rest of the time the temps have been too low with too much rain.
For you GMCers who want to know more about stopping high oil consumption on an engine with a high volume oil pump I found the article that put me onto it. It is in the GMCMM June 1997 by Keith Oxford of San Diego, CA. I hope I have the good results that he had. I’ll keep you posted and may discus it at the next rally.
After not being able to receive hotmail for two weeks I finally got it back. I hope I never have to go through that again. I was checking my inbox and when I deleted a SPAM message, everything disappeared. I tried to contact Hotmail and found that this is not possible. They have a phone number for a phone that must be in an empty building with the receiver off the hook. I called it at all different hours of every day of the week, it was always the same. Under “Contact us” in Hotmail I was directed to pick a category and send a blank message and they would get back to me. There was no category for not being able to receive hotmail and if there was one, when they replied to the message it would go where every thing else was going and I would never see it. I finally activated my MSN email account and sent a message to the Hotmail address and told them the respond to this MSN address. I waited for awhile and no reply so I thought of a way to get someone’s attention or at least they would know that I was out there. I sent a message telling them to contact me, after I sent it, I sent it again just as fast as I could type it. I did this for an hour, I had no idea how many messages were sent. It worked, the next day I checked and I had a reply to every message that went out. They offered all sorts of advice but it was clear that I was not going to get to talk a person. It was the computer or nothing, so I started down the list of advice. I have no idea of when it happened, or why, but all at once I see that a Hotmail message was in the in-basket. I was back in business. At the end of all the replies there was a comment form to fill out to tell them how I liked their support. You can use your imagination as to what my comments were, they are not fit to be printed here.
If you sent me a message during that two week period, you now know why I didn’t reply.
With the price of fuel where it is, it looks like my adventures will be limited this summer. The Navy Iron Angels are having the reunion in Las Vegas this year, that is out. The all class reunion in Coleridge, NE is set for July 1 & 2, I plan to make it out there but if the price of fuel keeps going up I’ll have to cancel it also. I’m sure Jeff, Jenny & Virginia can find enough to keep me busy right here in VA & MD and I still have some projects I want to do on My Shadow.
On Fathers Day I drove Jenny’s old car down to her place for a Fathers Day Seafood dinner for me and David’s dad Ralph. I headed out of Salisbury with less than a quarter tank of fuel knowing if I could stretch it to the MD/VA border there was a Royal Farms station that just opened and has the cheapest fuel on the Eastern Shore. The station across the road from them had to come down ten cents to stay in business. I just made it with the gage on empty. I pulled up to the pump and a gal comes out to tell me they were closed, no electric power. I almost cried, the cheapest fuel in Salisbury was $1.49.9 and the price here was $1.43.9 and no electrical power. I went on to an Exxon station and lucked out, $1.49.9 and I see they had come down to $1.47.9 when I came by on the way back. Most places are more than $1.50.9.
6/20/00 The price of fuel is going higher and the gal in Sioux Falls told me Gas was $1.80.9 there so it looks like the trip to the all class reunion in Coleridge, NE is off. Besides working on the motorhome, Virginia has been wanting me to help her with some genealogy on her ancestors. Looks like a good time for that.

Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.


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