The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #45 in NV,AZ,NM,TX & LA
1,749 miles this trip, odometer now 5,8497 total miles this year 5,969.
From , Rayne, LA Hi Everyone!
I enjoyed my stay in the Siverton RV park in Las Vegas, was here with the International Club Rally two or three years ago. It is still one of the best RV Parks that I have stayed in, it is clean and well maintained, all sites have full hookup with cable TV and Phone hookups that cost $.75 for each local call but I am able to get on the internet. The price with a Good Sam discount is right, $15.00 per night, it was $12.50 the last time I was here. The buffet has good food and is affordable. There is a down side, we are not too far from the airport and some days, according to the wind, we are under the flight path. Another problem is the toilets, they are called Comfort Stations, there is a six hole comfort station at each end of the park and an eight hole comfort station at the office in the center of the park, That figures out to be 20 holes for 324 sites, another complication is: they are all “by-sexual”, each room has a shower, lavatory and a throne. Now if a woman goes in to primp you might have to wait several hours. This does have a good side, I met a lot of nice people and had some interesting conversations while waiting to go. This is a pretty good way to kill time (if you can wait that long) and save fuel, I hear that the price of fuel will go higher yet. They have a two week limit for staying in the park, I wish they had a limit on staying in the toilet.
3/12/00 The family reunion yesterday went well, I was afraid my daughter-in-law Alexis, who’s family it was for, was going to miss it. This was the first time she had been in this part of the country and she and Jeff were out sight seeing from sun up to sun down. They took in Death Valley, CA, Friday, Bolder Dam, NV Saturday morning before the reunion started , they are off today to see the Grand Canyon in AZ before flying home tomorrow. One of her clan I was visiting with lives here in Las Vegas and admitted that he has never been to Bolder Dam, about 30 miles away. This was the first Polish family reunion I have been to so besides having a good time and meeting a lot of nice people, I heard some more good Pollock jokes. It is always good to see families get to gather at times other than for a funeral or wedding just to enjoy visiting and meeting new members. I saw two little toddlers and a grandmother having the time of there lives.
I figured Jeff & Alexis would be late getting back from Bolder Dam yesterday to take me to the reunion so I decided to drive my coach over to it . I punched the address into the computer and told Gus to take the short way to save gas. I found out there is no short way, Gus’s map was way out of date, a railroad and an Interstate have been added since the map was last updated. I kept coming to dead ends and many of the streets just were not there. I kept backtracking and trying different ways and ended up using a lot more gas than if I had told Gus to take the fast way. Jeff & Alexis showed up shortly after I got there so it turned out to be a wasted effort.
While visiting with the men at the reunion, the discussion turned to the shortage of water here in the south west and what is being done to solve the problem. As more people move out here the problem keeps getting worse. One of the things they have done to cut down on water usage is the low water volume toilet, I saw a lot of them in CA and these toilets here in the park uses them. If you are not familiar with them, and if you flush it the first time while you are setting on it, you will probably take off running with your pants down. It sounds like a gun went off followed by a spray of high pressure water. They seem to work OK, but I can’t understand why they don’t make them quieter. Another thing they could do, and I haven’t seen it yet, is to insulate the water pipes from the water heater. Here at the park a whole lot of water goes down the drain waiting for the hot water to come. At Alexis’ house in MD, I not only Insulated the water pipes in the crawl space under the house, I installed a 6 gallon Point Of Use water heater teed into the hot water pipe between the shower and the lavatory. She now has instant hot water, it saves water, the heating bill and the drain field (her house is in the country with the drains going to a septic tank and drain field).
3/13/00 Bid Jeff & Alexis good by, they headed to the airport and I headed to Rayne, LA. The trip went well for the first few hours, the trouble started when I found snow 50 miles west of Kingman, AZ. The road was dry but it was a bad omen, shortly after crossing the boarder into NM I went through a WOOP-DE-DO, that’s one of those inverted Texas speed bumps that my cousin The Comish claims to have invented to control traffic speed passed his place. Sometimes I find them in the Cities at the cross streets. It might be one big hump or a dip a hump then another dip. If I am going too fast when I hit it, the WOOP is when I become airborne, the DE-DO is when the front and rear wheels return to earth in that order. The number of O’s signify how long I was airborne and is relative to how fast I was going when I hit it. If I speedup to miss a red light there can be many O’s. Of coarse my first reaction is to slow down, no good! that should have happened five minutes ago. Don’t ask me what a WOOP-DE-DO was doing out on the highway but when the DO took place, the shock absorber (that is supposed to limit the travel of the suspension) on the leading rear wheel on the right side let go. This took out the airbag auto level linkage and the air line going to the airbag. It was getting late so I hurriedly
replaced the air fitting with a spare that I have with me, filled the airbag and figured I could make it to the next town where I could find a save, level place to jack it up and remove the broken shock absorber, Wrong! By the time I got to the next town the broken shock absorber had wiped out the air fitting again. I managed to get it ready to go again just as it was getting dark, I told my navigators to re-do the trip and take us to Albuquerque, NM so I could check with Ed Osburn’s Service for a new shock absorber and restock my airline fitting box. I pulled into a rest area about 20 miles west of Albuquerque to get some sleep. Next morning I found that Ed didn’t have the shock, he welded the broken airbag control linkage, no charge, I installed it so I could again run the airbags on auto-level, with my fittings restocked I was once again on my way.
On this trip I am using a team of navigators, I use Gus’s map, it’s the best, but because he still hasn’t blown his nose, I would rather listen to Keith so I told Gus to get some rest. I told them both to figure the shortest way to Rayne, LA. There was only a couple miles different in total mileage and a quick glance told me they used the same roads. I was wrong, I would follow Gus’s map and Keith would eventually figure it out and follow the same road till they differed again. My next problem showed up after dark in eastern Texas, the highway I was on had a barricade across it with a sign saying “NO THROUGH TRAFFIC”, there were no detour signs so I zoomed out on the GPS map and saw that if I went south a few miles there was another road going east that should take me around the barricaded highway. It was also raining but I wanted to keep driving for a while so I headed south. My navigator, Keith got all excited and was telling me to turn around, I turned onto the road going east and discovered it to be a narrow dirt road. Turning around or backing up was not an option but Keith kept harping for me to turn around. If he would have shut up and looked at the map he would see that this road would take me where I wanted to go. I managed to stay between the ditches and moving ahead slowly but I was sure wishing I was some place else. Finally arrived at the rally park after spending one more night at a small town in LA. Will get this sent and tell about the rally in the next letter


Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.




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