The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #41 in FL,LA,MS,LA & TX 1/8/00
842 miles this trip, odometer now 53,792 total miles this year 842.
From , near Terrell, TX, Hi Everyone!
After the spectacular shuttle launch, I left the area in heavy traffic and headed back to Sarasota were I had another short visit and loaded up with about $100 worth (in comparison to the price I was paying in MD) of oranges and grapefruit and headed north. I finally have these FL interstate interchanges figured out. When my navigator says go west on I10, no where on the exit sign does it tell me if I’m going to go east or west. The same thing happens at the exit on I4 to I75, it don’t give me a hint if I’m going to go north or south, it just lists two cities, I’m not going to either one, my navigator said go south. I found out the hard way that this is the only exit, after I take the exit, it splits and they have the signs telling me witch way is north or south. Florida is the only place I find these single exit interchanges. I made it to my sister Marilyn’s place in Niceville with no problems. The only problem after I got here was the temperature, on Christmas day the water in the bird bath had ice on it. I suppose if I went to Key West the temperature there would drop below freezing.
My brother-in-law Bill Kilburg got a new computer for Christmas and is like a kid with a new toy. He did take time to make a trip to the Naval Aircraft Museum in Pensacola, it had been several years since any of us had been there. I enjoyed reliving the past when looking at some of the aircraft I had worked on a long time ago.
Bill had been to a big Kilburg family reunion in Germany last summer and met a lot of cousins he had never known. The Genealogy bug bit him real bad and it has even infected me. I had to re-order two prescriptions and I had to stay here till they were delivered so I have been working on my neglected genealogy files. It is a good way to look at the millennium about to end as some of my ancestors date back to the 1200s. I have decided to see how many cousins I have among the readers of my adventure stories. I have told some of you that we may be cousins as your surname was in my files. I will list the surnames I have with the number of times they appear in my data base, if you are interested you can e-mail me and if we find a match we can exchange information. I have 179 with given names only, with a blank space where the surname should be, maybe I can shave some off of that number. If you have a distant graveyard or courthouse that could be a source for the answers you need, I just might be headed that way. If you would want me to stop by to exchange information, just put the coffee pot on and tell me where it is. I’ll give the information to my navigator and I may be able to work it in. Maybe you could bring the information to a rally we both attend. If we can find a compatible format we might exchange it directly via e-mail. I use the Ultimate Family Tree Program and can convert most of it to .rtf format.

Click here to view surnames list

Now, as I look into the next millennium I see a big problem coming for genealogy. I learned a long time ago that every one sees things from a different point of view. We make decisions, form opinions, assign priorities and take actions based on what we see. Let me tell you about an opinion adventure I had a log time ago. I was arguing with another sailor about something that we had different opinions about. We could not agree on anything. He finally told me that opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one and sometimes it stinks, he thought my opinion stunk. I thought about his vivid, valid description of an opinion and we finally had something we agreed on. It was a good description of an opinion, it fit then and it still fits today. I will tell it as I see it, you may see it differently. First I’ll talk about a child born out of wedlock, this has happened from the beginning of time. Pre-marital sex also has been around from the time of Adam & Eve. As I was gathering genealogy files, I happened to see marriages dated in Jan. & Feb. in the 1600s in the New-England states and I wondered, why would anyone pick a cold day in Jan. or Feb. to get married ? When I typed in the date (in June & July) of the first born I could see why they picked a cold day to tie the knot. It was a shotgun wedding. I have entered data for a few children of unwed parents in my data base in the last millennium, and my program keeps asking me if I want to enter a marriage event for the parents, what’s it going to be like in this millennium? There will be a lot fewer weddings, and about that many divorces, same sex couples, what surname will the child be given? In my book it was called “shacking up”, in seven years you were, by common law, same as married. Some, who were closer to God than me, called it “living in sin”. Now it’s called “a relationship” and it is perfectly acceptable. I hope my defibrillator doesn’t take me too far into this mess that I see on the horizon. I could blame the degradation of morals on Lawyers but won’t do it because of my New Years Resolution and I just learned that they now bury Lawyers 12 feet deep instead of 6 feet because deep down, lawyers are OK.
Now for my New Years resolution. As I observe other drivers and listen to people talk I have come to the conclusion that something we all need is more tolerance of others. My New Years Resolution is: To be more tolerant of others and live one day at a time.
Midnight of Dec. 31st brought in a new millennium, a new century, a new year, a new month and most important of all, it brought in a new day. I’m glad that I made it. I’ve been enjoying good food and lots of computer time to work on my genealogy files. I have 11,829 names in it and some of them were put in a long time ago. I started out with Roots III, up-graded to Roots IV, V and finally to Ultimate Family Tree. It is a very good program, the older files should have been up-graded also. Now when my computer prints out a report it gets messed up on some things that were not entered correctly. I’m trying to find all the problems and correct them. I finished up-grading the files on the same day that the prescriptions I ordered arrived so I have cranked up the old GMC and headed west, I enjoy my stops but it always feels good to get on the road again, I want to log a few miles and have a few adventures before I send this adventure story. First stop was the Pensacola Naval Air museum to take some pictures, didn’t have my camera when I came over with Bill & Marilyn. I wanted a picture of each of the planes that I worked on while in the Navy. I got them all but the F3H-2 Demon, I asked one of the volunteers if they had one loaned out like the F2H-3 Banshee was the last time I was here. He informed me they had one but it was not yet put back together since they had acquired it from an Army artillery range, I could see the pile of parts if I took the bus tour to the flight line. I told the bus driver when I got on that I wanted to get a picture of the Demon, He said OK and when we got to the flight line he stopped the bus, pointed to where it was and said he would pick me up when he came over that way, so I got a picture of the parts up close and personal. Looks like I may have to volunteer to put it back together.
Next I stopped in Lillian, AL and enjoyed a short visit and lunch with my friends Bob & Hunter McCarthy. He showed me some projects he had going on his GMC. I then headed west looking for warmer weather, it didn’t happen. The next morning I woke up at a rest area headed north on I94 in LA and there was that dreaded frost that I have been trying to get away from. And a little further up the road I stopped out in the boondocks to visit with Bob & Betty Moore, my Iron Angel Navy friends near Converse, LA. They took me to a buffet for dinner where there was live Bluegrass Music, That’s my kind of music & eating and I again ate too much.
I then crossed the border and headed west in TX to mooch a few meals off my cousin the old ex-county commissioner Rod Kinkaid & his wife Roseann. I’m out of room so:
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

Me & My Shadow, with Gertrude, Gus & Keith on the road.

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