The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #37 in MD,DE,VA,WV,KY,OH,IN,IL,IA, & NE 9/18/99 1,067 miles this trip, odometer now 47,135. Total miles this year 15,100
From Coleridge, NE, Hi Everyone!
Summer has come and is now gone. It seemed like it was very short. Summer had just started when I noticed the days starting to get longer, the humming birds disappeared, schools opened and summer was gone. I'll soon have to join the humming birds and head south. The humming birds have a long way to go so they need an early start.
The trip from Maryland to Nebraska went well but I did have some problems with Keith (my new navigator with Co-Pilot 2000) I asked him to plot the route to Forest City, IA where the GMC International club convention will be starting on 9/26/99. I started the trip from my son Jeff and daughter-in-law Alexis' place northwest from Salisbury, MD with stops at Sanford, VA to visit my daughter Jenny and her family, a stop in Franktown, VA to check in with my son Mark and then to my sister-in-law Virginia in VA Beach, VA before heading to my old home town Coleridge, NE. When I started my trip Keith wanted me to go south to come into Salisbury, MD on US 50 from the west. I failed to tell him that I had to fill my propane tank in the north part of Salisbury and I headed east to come into Salisbury on US 13 from the north. When he saw that I was not headed to route 50 he told me to turn right at the next intersection to get over to route 50, I kept going east and he again told me to turn at the next intersection. This is standard routine, he usually stays cool and just keeps calling out the next road that will take me to where he wants me. After I ignored him the third time he lost his cool and told me in no uncertain terms. "In 5 miles turn right on route so & so" as soon as he got it spit out he would repeat it with the shorter distance. I could tell that he was mad at me for ignoring him when he just kept repeating it over and over again, he never let up I finally turned the speakers off as I wanted to listen to music and every time he said something the audio-relay would shut the music off. I finally got my propane and was back on the route he had marked and he was again cool.
After short visits with Jenny and then Mark I headed for the bridge-tunnel. There was a new toll taker there and she wanted $18, I told her she was only getting $13. she finally saw it my way. After a short visit with Virginia I headed west on I 64 Keith was not acting normal but I didn't know what was wrong with him. After I got into WV I decided that he had been drinking and was now drunk. Don't ask me what he was drinking or where he was getting it, he was out of his head, saying things that made no sense. He was repeating things that he had told me over an hour ago. Perhaps like me he has a short memory and he makes notes about what he is going to say. After he says it he puts the notes in a drawer. When he gets high he reaches in the drawer, pulls out some notes and starts reading them in random order. He was also telling me to exit at the next off ramp and go north when I 64 just kept going west. He was definitely high on something, I remembered that just before I started the trip I got on the internet and downloaded an update to the anti-virus program and after running it I ran Defrag on the hard disks. Could he have gotten something from the anti-virus program that messed up his mind? About this time I recalled an adventure that I had back in 1945 that might be a clue to his problem. I had returned from duty in the southwest Pacific and was at the Naval Air Station in Seattle, WA awaiting discharge. I was told to clean the upholstery in a small twin engine flying boat called a Widgeon. I was given a 5 gal. can of carbon-tetrachloride and a rag. I would slosh some cleaning fluid on the rag and rub the upholstery. I was impressed! This was the best cleaning fluid I had ever used. It didn't take me long and I had the upholstery looking like new, however, I had inhaled enough of the vapor and I was now up on cloud 9 and it took me awhile to get back down to earth. Shortly after this another man using this stuff got up on cloud 9 and never came down, he died up on cloud 9. After that, the Navy took carbon-tetrachloride out of the inventory and we could no longer order it. It was also used in fire extinguishers and that also ended. Was it something in the anti-virus program that put Keith up on cloud 9? Or, when I defragmented the hard drives, did I lose some of his cards and now he is no longer playing with a full deck? He acts like it could be either one. I was about to uninstall the program and reinstall it to see if that would solve the problem. I turned him off and when I turned him back on, he introduces himself, tells me where he is and tells me to type in a destination and he will take me there. When I do this he stays sober, it is only when I reopen a planned trip that he gets all messed up.
I will send Keith's bosses a copy of this letter and see if they have any ideas as to what is bothering Keith. While in Coleridge I did uninstall the Co-pilot program and the voice program, then reinstalled them, told Keith to plot a course from Coleridge to Sioux Falls, SD then to Forest City, IA and then to Albuquerque, NM. I'll see if he stays sober on this trip.
The weather here in Coleridge has been a little windy and when the wind went down so did the temperature, some talk of frost but I haven't seen any. I see on TV what is happening back east and I'm glad to be out here but will be glad when I can head south. I'll see if I can find a computer to get on and send this letter before I head to Sioux Falls.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits.

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