The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #36 in MD,DE,VA, 8/25/99
326 miles this trip, odometer now 45,742. Total miles this year 14,033.
From Delmar, MD, Hi Everyone!
The Medicare fraud adventure was a disaster, I finally found someone at the Medicare fraud 800 number that seemed interested. I filled her in with dates, names and details and she said she would check it out and call me back. She still hasn't called so I give up. I do know that I will not use any of those cardiologists again so they will not be able to charge Medicare any thing on my account again.
I went to a Tidewater Crabs GMC Motorhome rally over the weekend and it sure felt good to get behind the wheel again. It was at the Flying Circus Aerodrome (southwest of Washington, DC) so besides the good chow and visits with good friends we got to see some air shows and a balloon festival.
Friday morning when I left Salisbury, MD they were predicting rain and thunderstorms for much of the area, I was afraid it was going to be a disaster. I put Keith in charge and didn't notice that he planned the trip for the shortest route, I should have told him to plan the fastest route. He took me through the middle of Washington, DC right down Constitution Avenue. It did give me a chance to test his navigation in the city and he did real well though not as precise as Gertrude but she did not have a map with the starting point and ending point on it so I was very pleased with Keith. On the return trip I made sure that he set up for the fastest route and he did it my way. The weather turned out to be almost perfect, had a sprinkle Friday evening and a little fog Sunday morning.
The Aerodrome is a very primitive airport as were the aircraft, mostly old biplanes, Piper Cubs and a couple experimental aircraft. The runway was on the other side of a hill out of sight of the spectators so the aircraft were taking off and landing on the hill so the spectators could watch them. They handled it very well but to me it sure looked odd to see aircraft taking off and landing going up hill or down. On Saturday evening after the wind went down and 15 balloons were lifting off several of those biplanes were also flying in among them, it was a site to behold but it would have made me a little nervous if I had been in one of those balloons. Both the balloon pilots and the aircraft pilots were very good at what they do. There also were wing walkers and sky divers so for a small group it was a very good air show. On Sunday morning they inflated a balloon, kept it tethered with a long line and were offering rides for $5. They were doing a pretty good business but I couldn't justify spending $5 to lift off and come back down. I might consider a balloon ride when I get to New Mexico in Oct. for the Western States GMC convention. On Saturday the biplanes were offering rides also. $30 for a normal ride and $60 for an aerobatics ride. There were lots of takers but I'm just too tight and I did enough flying while I was in the Navy, I'd rather put that money in the fuel tanks of the motorhome. As for the aerobatics ride, I think it best not to try it. I recall an airplane ride in a twin engine Beachcraft while in the navy stationed in Corpus Christi, TX. A PBM flying boat had gone down in Mexico and we were searching for it. I had just finished a box lunch when we got a call that another plane had found it but was low on fuel and had to go back to TX. We headed to the location to check for survivors. We arrived at the site at the top of a mountain ridge, there was part of the wreckage on both sides of the ridge. The pilot dropped down to just a few feet above the ridge and slowed our speed to take a close look. I can tell you for sure, the air along a mountain ridge is very rough. In no time I had lost my box lunch, my breakfast and every thing else. We saw no survivors and headed back to Corpus Christi. I have no desire to repeat that adventure.
Before my colonoscopy the 7th of Sept. I will try to get some more work done on the GMC before heading to Nebraska. I want to take the pickup unit out of the fuel tank and see if I can fix a problem. When I am low on fuel and accelerate or go up a grade the fuel moves to the rear of the tank and the pickup sucks air. I plan to add a hose to the pickup tube in place of the sock that is on it and have the hose go to the rear part of the tank where the fuel is when I need it. If the pickup sucks air going down a grade I don't think it will matter. You would think that the high priced engineers could have figured this out by now. I still have a sun visor to install and I'm working on an oil cooler, it was an air-conditioning condenser on an old Chevy Van. I have to find some fittings and braze them on in place of the fittings that are on it.
I want to get to NE & SD before the International GMC Motorhome convention in IA. I will visit friends and relatives in NE and get up to Sioux Falls, SD to get my defibrillator checked. After the convention in IA I'll head to NM for the Western States GMC convention.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 8/25/99

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