The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #34 in MD 7/10/99
0 miles this trip, odometer now 42,780. Total miles this year 11,345.
From Delmar, MD, Hi Everyone!
Yes, the coach hasn't moved since the last letter. I have been possessed by a folding step that was given to me by Bob McCarthy in Lillian, AL when I stopped to visit him & Hunter a while back. I guess he saw me eye balling it and said I could have it If I wanted it, I told him I would be glad to take it. He told me he had made it himself but no longer needed it. I figured there must be something wrong with it but the price was right and I would try to fix it. After I installed it, I determined that it needed to be beefed up a little. This would require a welder, I had none and I haven't welded anything in ten years. I first learned to weld about 60 years ago when I was a kid working for the guy across the road when he bought an arc-welder. After WW2 when I was out of the Navy, I went to an Aviation School to get an Aircraft & Engine license to work on civilian aircraft. It was here that I learned to weld with oxy-acetylene equipment. I have never welded with the new small wire welders but I decided it was time to learn this one. I went shopping and came home with one and a kit to convert it to a MIG welder so If I decided to, I could convert it and weld aluminum for another project on the motorhome.
After I got the step beefed up I decided to see if I could use the parking brake actuator (I have removed the lever and replaced it with an electric actuator) to extend it each time I put the parking brake on and retract it when I put the parking brake off. This to me would be the ideal way to go, wrong. When plan A won't work I always have a plane B, and if plan B won't work there's plan C, and so on. I got some interesting lessons in Geometry and had gone through many plans before I was satisfied with it. The parking brake extends it and it is retracted by a screen door spring when the parking brake is released. Finding the correct angle for the actuator and the spring was my problem. The actuator was not strong enough to overcome the spring, or the spring was not strong enough to retract the step. After spending about two weeks thinking and trying, it now works, not perfect but as close to perfect as I could get it. If I had it to do over, I would go with Darcy Moses' air compressor and his air actuators for the parking brake. Then all I would need would be an air cylinder as a step actuator, and one switch could work the brake and the step.
I had so many things I wanted to get done on the coach, looks like the windshield sun visor will have to wait. I did finish the remote control door lock and I have had a slow leak in the left air bag. I mixed up some soap suds and started checking and it hasn't leaked a drop in two weeks. It must be the very hot weather this month that stopped it from leaking. I have replaced the black rub rail on the side of the motorhome with the red and white reflective tape like you see on 18 wheelers, who knows, it may some day make me be seen when I might not have been if it had not been there. I do a lot of night driving and I think it looks better than that thick black plastic.
Now for another adventure I have embarked on. I am doing some research and plan to charge a group of 14 Cardiologists at Peninsula Cardiology Associates, P.A. with Medicare fraud. Over two years ago I had a Dr. Etherton check my defibrillator. Every thing went well and last fall when I was in the hospital for a Colon cancer operation I called them to have them send Dr. Etherton to the hospital and check my defibrillator again. I was told that Dr. Etherton was no longer with them and they would send someone to do it. I should have asked them where Dr. Etherton was but I don't think they would have told me. They sent a Dr. Nsah (pronounced "Saw") after he checked my defibrillator he informed me that he wanted to put me on some medication for my heart that should take some pressure off of my defibrillator and make the battery last longer. I said OK, till I saw the price of the medication. I called Dr. Nsah and informed him that I could not afford the medication and was not taking it. He informed me that he thought Medicare would pay for medication, I couldn't believe I was talking to a doctor who didn't know that Medicare did not pay for medication. I repeated that I would not take the medication and the last thing he said to me was that he wanted to reprogram my defibrillator I informed him that he would not reprogram my defibrillator. I soon got a call from a Dr. Wood the head Dr. with the group, said he wanted to talk to me about Dr. Nsah. I went to his office and he asked me what my problem was with Dr. Nsah I informed him that I thought Dr. Nsah was a little mixed up and I did not trust him. I told him that I had my defibrillator checked every three months for the past year (the time that my heart was supposed to be running the battery down in my defibrillator) and no one else had seen a problem. He informed me that Dr. Nsah was a professor at John Hopkins medical school and he was the best there was. I told him in that case I would be very happy with the second best and would get a second opinion before anyone reprogrammed my defibrillator. I informed him I no longer needed any of his services. The next time I needed the defib. checked I went to VA Beach, VA and a Dr. Kanter checked it and he agreed with me, the defib. was doing just what it was supposed to do. Now every three months I get a card from these Cardiologist in Salisbury telling me it is time to have my defib. checked and every three months I tell them I will never let them check my defib. again. I guess they are just slow learners. What really made me blow a fuse was when I got the statements from Medicare for my treatment in the hospital. I see they paid Dr. Nsah $50 for checking my defib, I saw nothing wrong with that, however, for every other day I was in the hospital they paid a cardiologist $80 for doing nothing, I remembered having a Dr. come to my room every day, introduce himself as a cardiologist and ask me how I felt. My defib. was not giving me any problem, I went to the cardiology place and demanded to know who ordered a Dr. to my room every day. I was quickly taken to the administrators office. He asked me what my problem was, I told him it looked to me like they were defrauding Medicare. He informed me he would check hospital records and get back to me. I got a letter from him with copies of some hand written notes that he said covered everything and it was settled. Not being a Dr. I can not read the notes. Having now found Dr. Etherton I took them to him and asked him if he would transcribe the notes for me, and call me when he had done it. He has not yet called me so I will have to keep you posted in the next letter on how things are progressing. I think I should have taken the notes to a pharmacist to have them transcribed.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 7/10/99


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