The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #33 in MD,DE &VA 6/17/99
356 miles this trip, odometer now 42,780. Total miles this year 11,345.
From Delmar, MD, Hi Everyone!
Got to Jeff & Alexis' place, backed into the shed and went to work. First thing was the refrigerator, in the last few miles it would sometimes fail to light. This was a problem when it was new but after cleaning the burner orifice and the flame rod it had been lighting all the time so I cleaned every thing again and hope it will give me no more trouble for a few years. Also have been having trouble with the rectifier that supplies power for the computer, took it into Radio Shack and found out it was still under warranty and they gave me a new one, I hope it does better than the old one. When I was in Myrtle Beach, SC Darcy Moses showed me a simple device he made to lift the windshield wiper blades off the glass when they are turned off. I made me a set of them and then I thought that it was about time to lubricate the wiper blade shafts, GM did not allow for it so I had to improvise, I drilled a 1/8th inch hole through the upper side of the shaft housing, pumped some oil into the hole and then re-sealed the hole. I expect them to last another 20 years.
I had an interesting adventure that had nothing to do with the GMC. Jeff had installed an alarm system in an old (1908) house for Richard & Dominique Isaacs. They had retired in New York City and came to Salisbury, MD and bought this old house. They were favorably impressed with his work and his manner and asked him if he would be interested in doing some more work for them to bring this old house back to life. In its early life it had served some of the upper-crust in the city. It was a beautiful old home and like a GMC Motorhome , it was in need of some TLC, The Isaacs wanted to give it this. Our first assignment was to replace the dishwasher with a new one, then came the kitchen sink. Next came the great adventure. There was a personal elevator that used to take the occupants up and down from the first and second floors, it no longer did this. Richard asked us to see if we could get it to work. Now I have worked on a lot of things but an elevator that was five years older than I am was not among them. It was stuck at the second floor and the cables that got it there looked like spaghetti wrapped around the drum. First we had to block the elevator at the second floor, then we had to unwind the cables and rewind them onto the drum in the proper fashion. We were able to do this by overriding the brake and turning the drum with a crank. After we got tension on the cables and reset the brake we were ready to test it. We unblocked the elevator, Jeff pushed the down button as I watched the cables. Every thing went well till it got to the first floor, the switch shut the power off but the brake did not come on, the drum coasted and the cables went slack, we had spaghetti again but not so much this time. It was evident that the problem was with the brake, after some adjustment and testing it was good as new. Jeff has figured out a brace for the brake, when he installs that it will be better than new. We now count the Isaacs among our friends.
Made a short trip to Virginia Beach to a family reunion and birthday picnic for my granddaughter Rebekah, now a teenager at 13. Had a great time and took two carloads of people across the bridge tunnel in the motorhome for $26 round trip, it would have cost $40 for two cars, on the return trip the attendant took my $13 and offered no argument so I guess they finally got it right.
I went back to work on the motorhome, giving it an annual inspection and a thorough lubrication, looking for any thing that could be a problem out on the road. I have also been getting a lot of work done on my self, Hearing aids, dental work and will eventually get a false upper plate. The dentists always tell me I have good roots and don't want to pull any of my teeth. I told then I can't eat with roots, pull the damn roots and make me some teeth. I hope I have enough money left to buy fuel for the motorhome.
I also have another GPS program to test when I get on the road again, it is called Co-Pilot, It has a male voice that gives me directions. I found out about it from Gertrude's Boss when I was in CA. While I was talking with her, I said something about not having a co-pilot (meaning a person in the passenger seat to read maps for me), she thought I was talking about this program and she started bad mouthing it as a competitor to the Gertrude program. In fact she bad mouthed every program except the Gertrude program so I knew it must have some merit and I will find out for myself, how it compares with the Gertrude program. I know it is all on one disk, and it has all the roads & streets like Gus has, so far the voice seems to have a worse head cold than Gus has. I will wait till I test it on the road and see what kind of attitude it has before I give it a name. It has a voice recognition program on the disk that will let me talk to it if I can find a microphone that will cut out the background noise. I think a throat mike like the fighter pilots in WW2 used would work but I have been unable to find one. I may have to try to make one.
This last paragraph is for everyone who gets this letter via e-mail. As you all know I have had a computer virus and I do not want another one. I do not know how anyone who sends out computer viruses thinks but when I see a message that says "This is important, please read it and pass it on to all your friends". The first thing that comes to my mind is computer virus. So when you get a message of any kind and you are asked to forward it to all your friends, I ask you to "please do not count me among your friends". I will enjoy receiving a personal message from you at any time but if you forward anything to me via e-mail I will delete it without reading it, I believe you would be wise to do the same. It can be a joke, a news item, a warning about a virus on any other message. I am not interested in it, and I will delete it without reading it. You can say I'm paranoid, stupid or whatever you wish, you now know where I stand.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 6/17/99

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