The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #32 in NE,SD,IA,IL,IN,OH,KY,WV & VA
5/27/99 1764 miles this trip, odometer now 42424. Total miles this year 10,989.
From VA, Hi Everyone! I guess you could say that this trip started out on a good note, headed north to Sioux Falls with a strong south wind. However, after my doctors appointment in Sioux Falls, I would be headed south for about three times the distance that it was to Sioux Falls so I would have been better off with a strong north wind. It is always an enjoyable experience to visit the Sioux Valley Hospital (the best hospital in the world), the Doctors office is in the hospital building. I can't say the same for the hospital in Salisbury, MD I hope I never have to go there again. Not only is Sioux Valley the best hospital, it is also the lowest cost hospital that I know about, prescription drugs dispersed in the hospital cost only half as much as they cost after I left the hospital. I have never had a problem finding a place to park a car and there are six RV parking sites with 30 amp. electrical service available at no charge. When they checked my defibrillator I was told that it has fired several times when I have been asleep, they showed me where it had fired twice within a half hour. Because of this, the Doc. Is putting me on another pill that is supposed to improve my hearts performance, I reminded him that getting behind the wheel of the motorhome is the best medicine of all. The trip east went well, in KY I went by a sign that pointed to the left and read "Detour to 1998". Right away I thought about Gertrude's boss, the lady who doesn't want to get old, she might want to detour back to 1998, that would be just like backing the clock up and she would be a year younger. I think I'll tell the boss lady who doesn't want to live past 50, if she is serious, to take her skies up to a high mountain on her 50th birthday and when she's coming down at a high speed to line up with a big tree, she will no longer have to worry about getting old. I think she will have second thoughts about it and join the rest of us who enjoy getting older. 1998 was not one of my better years so I had no desire to take the detour, I'm having too much fun getting older. I am also enjoying the price of fuel since I left CA. In Sioux Falls I paid $1.09 I saw it for $1.04 after I filled my tanks. Had better luck in IA, In Des Moines at a Flying J Truck Stop the price on the pump was $1.01 I have a Flying J card that takes off a penny per gal. so I got it for a buck a gal. I paid $1.10 in IL and when I was in IN I didn't need fuel but pulled off to eat lunch an when I saw the price of fuel was $.97 I pulled over to the pump and put in a little over 20 gal. In the area around Lynchburg, VA the price was less than a buck a gallon and one place had it for less than $.90 of course I didn't need fuel and thought it would be that way all the way to VA Beach, wrong, as soon as I left The rally and headed east the price fluctuated from $1.10 to $1.20. I held off and when my tanks were almost empty I found it for $.97, haven't seen it for less than a buck since. The rally was great! My first one with the Tidewater Crabs, good food, a T-bone steak that melted in my mouth, and a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to the next one. I added some more E-mail addresses for my adventure story. The last night there we were sitting around a campfire talking and Gertrude must have found out where we were, she turned a bad storm loose on us just after I had gone to bed. It put the fire out and chased those still up, into the tent. I hate to tell you this but better for me to tell you than someone else. As we were leaving I was following Norm & Diane Dubner, and Ned & Roberta Smith were following me. Diane was driving as Norm is blind, she was going to follow Ned to the Baltimore area but now she stopped in front of me and I found out that Ned had a problem with his brakes. He has the Powermaster Brake system, my coach also has the Powermaster system, it is an electric over hydraulic system. The electric motor on Ned's coach would not pump up pressure. I have had lots of experience fixing mine so I offered to help them fix it. The relay on mine had failed and this to me, looked like it could be his problem. It took us awhile to find that this was not his problem. I was thinking that his electric motor must be defective when Norm suggested that we check the ground wire for the motor. Remember, Norm can't see but he is a good thinker and he was right, the ground was defective. If we had checked that first he could have been underway in five minuets. We had wasted about two hours checking the relay and motor, so I'm telling you it pays to have a blind man around when trouble shooting a problem. The trip to VA Beach went well, the first thing my sister-in-law did when I showed up was to feed me. I hadn't found a Subway Sandwich shop so I was hungry. After resting I went to work on this letter and she had a couple honey-dos for me to take care of. I also had a couple lights to fix on the motorhome so it would pass its annual safety inspection, due this month. After a Birthday party and a choral concert at school, I was ready to head for the bridge tunnel and the Eastern Shore. At the toll gate I handed the gal $13. And informed her that I was only going to pay that much, she looked at my rear wheels and then at me, I informed her that if she argued with me she would loose. She opened a drawer, looked at something in it and said "OK", so it looks like I just about have them seeing it my way. I stopped in Nassawadox, VA and had lunch with my son Mark, then drove on up to my daughter Jenny's place, checked in with her and then went to get the motorhome inspected, it passed with no problems so that it over for another year. I'll get on the net and send this letter before going up to my son Jeff & Alexis' place where I can service and work on the motorhome without the mosquitoes. feasting on me. The word got out as soon as I showed up here and they came from all around to suck my blood. I hate them almost as bad as cold weather.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 5/27/99

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