The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #31 in ID,UT,WY & NE 5/12/99
1,280 miles this trip, odometer now 40,560. Total miles this year 9,225.
From Coleridge, NE, Hi Everyone!
In Boise, ID, I'm too far north. Every year I get too far north too soon. I see snow on the mountains north of Boise and its downright cold. Coming out of CA on I 80 at Donner Pass the snow banks on the side of the road in some places were over six feet high, the road was dry and I could see that a lot of snow had melted, I just don't like snow. On Hwy. 95, coming north from I 80 to I 84 I almost hit a deer. It was about an hour before dawn, if I hadn't had the high beams on I might not have seen it in time to avoid it.
Now I must tell you more about Gertrude's boss. I have always enjoyed talking to her on the phone and it was a shock when I met her, she has a German accent and I was expecting a blond with fair skin. She had black hair and dark skin, said she was German and middle eastern. She took me to a nice Chinese restaurant for lunch and we had a nice visit, she is a talker and I learned a lot about her. She is the only person I know, who told me she does not want to get old, and meant it. She has no desire to live past 50 years, says she has accomplished every thing she planned to do, and sees nothing to live for. She thinks that everyone should cash in their chips at 50 years of age. I'll have to agree, that would sure solve a lot of problems. I would never have had a heart attach or colon cancer, I also would not have retired, I would not have my motorhome, I would not have Gertrude & Gus and I would not have met her. I like things just the way they are and hope to keep on enjoying my second 50 years. As she kept talking I think I know why she feels the way she does. She is an only child of very well-to-do parents. She has enjoyed the comforts and pleasures that come with wealth but she has never enjoyed life, if she had, she would know that life gets better as you age. She has a boyfriend but has never been married and has no children. She lives to ski, and I gathered that that was her only pleasure in life. Because of her wealth, she has never lived in the real world. I wish her well and hope she soon finds out what life is all about.
After being here in Boise for a week it has gotten colder, and a lot more snow has fallen on the mountains. It's like winter has returned, lots of rain here in the valley, it got up to 72 degrees one day, then went back to 50 - 60 degrees for the highs, they talk about frost at night. I'm hoping it will be warmer in my old home town, Coleridge, NE. I'll be heading there soon. I have made some repairs on the coach, the Fantastic vent fan no longer worked, I found a plastic bearing had come out of the gear drive, I put it back in and fixed it so it won't happen again. The driving computer that tells me my miles per gallon went blank on the way up to Boise, I found the 9 volt battery in it only had 4.5 volts so a new battery fixed it, the battery only lasted about 9 years. Dave helped me install the Audio relay that turns the music off when Gertrude or Gus talk. It works better than I expected, now I don't have to worry about missing important information while I'm listening to music.
I left Boise, headed to Coleridge, NE a little after seven PM, on 5/7/99. As it got dark I was having trouble seeing and discovered my right side low beam was out. This was not good as there are always lots of deer in this area and I need all the light I can get. Had to slow down a little when I couldn't have the high beams on. I did see killed deer in each state I traveled in but saw no live ones. I wanted to get to Coleridge before the sun set the next day so I didn't stop to find a new head lamp. Unlike the trip west, this trip was just about perfect, no rain, the wind was to my back and the roads were in good condition. A few construction sites slowed me down a little but with the wind to my back I could run at 75 MPH with 10 " of vacuum getting good mileage. In fact at high speeds the vacuum gage tells me my miles per gallon, 10" = 10 MPG. & 5" = 5 MPG. The problem is in holding the vacuum up out of the red at high speeds, it just don't happen unless I am going down hill or have the wind behind me. Another thing I liked about this trip was the price of fuel, and I always lucked out and needed fuel where it was cheaper, and saw the high priced fuel when my tanks were full.
As I came across Wyoming there were traces of snow all the way. Up on the divide there was a lot of fresh snow (within the last two days) I could see where it had been plowed to the side of the road and the higher mountains were all white. I'm lucky I wasn't there when it was snowing.
When I left Boise I had Gus in charge as Gertrude didn't have street maps there. About 9:30 I was getting sleepy so pulled into a rest area for a nap. Woke up in about 30 minutes, put Gertrude in charge. I took another 30 minute nap when it was just starting to get light in the east. I left Gertrude in charge till her map ran out at the east boundary of Wyoming. I put Gus in charge again, I had told him to take the fastest route and he stayed on I 80 all the way to Grand Island before heading north through Columbus & Norfolk. I should have forced him off I 80 at North Platt and told him to find the shortest route to Coleridge. I'm sure it would have saved me time and money, it is a lot shorter. I got to Coleridge just as the sun was about to set, about 25 hours after leaving Boise, ID. I pulled into the park and plugged into electrical power (there are two 30 amp. Receptacles for RV use and no charge for it) and went to sleep.
The weather here in Coleridge is about the same as in Boise but with a lot more wind and the forecast is for it to get worse, I just can't win.
I called my cousins in the area and told them to stock up on groceries, the free loader was back in town. On Sunday noon I ate dinner with the after church bunch in the café, mothers got dinner for half price, I should have worn a dress and my wig. I ate lunch at the senior center on Monday with all those old folks who, according to Gertrude's Boss, shouldn't be around any more. Monday evening the school had a science fair and were selling tavern sandwiches as a fun raiser so I've been eating pretty good. It was raining as I left the school, the sky was very dark, a chance of hail was forecast so instead of returning to the park I went to that big shed were the elevator park their trucks an equipment. There was room in the shed for me & my shadow so I felt safer. It didn't hail and I went back to the park about 4:00 AM before they would come to get the trucks out. Looks like I better cut this off about here.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 5/12/99

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