The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #27 in MD 1/25/99
0 miles, odometer reading now 31,335. No motorhome adventures this time.
From The shed at Jeff & Alexis' in MD, Hi Everyone!
I have been getting some work done for Jeff and doing some genealogy but its too cold to work on the motorhome. I'm going to have to get it out of the shed one of these days as my propane tank is about empty. Been running the furnace some days to keep from freezing.
Those of you who, like me, have Kinkaid ancestors, if you are interested, I have traced the Kellogg family back to the 14 hundreds in England and I have finally found the link that connects us to the Kelloggs of Battle Creek, MI. I'm talking about the cereal people. His name is Will Keith Kellogg and he started the Kellogg Company in 1901. The computer tells me he is my 5th cousin 3 times removed. Samuel Colt who invented the Colt Revolver is also a 5th cousin 3 times removed. That means that from each of them we go back 5 generations to find a common ancestor and I am 3 generations younger than they are. For any one who wants it I'll print it out for you next time I see you and I hope that will be soon. I'm getting tired of this cold weather.
I went to visit my friend, Louie Caruso & his wife Doreen from Maine. I met them at the park in Coleridge, NE the last time I was there. They travel in a 5th wheel trailer and like me they send out a travel log. When I got his letter saying he was in Whaleyville, MD I looked for it in the road atlas and didn't find it so I cranked up the computer and asked Gus where it was. He found it over towards Ocean City, about 30 miles away so I took Jenny's car and went over and had a nice visit. I wonder how long it will be before our paths cross again?
I have also had some dental work done and my last appointment is on Jan. 29th then a Dr. appointment on Feb. 2nd and get I my Defibrillator checked on Feb. 9th and I'll be heading to FL and hope to get some more Oranges & Grapefruit, I only have 2 grapefruit left. I don't plan to head west till after the motorhome convention in Myrtle Beach, SC in March.
It sure hurts to not be heading cross country when the price of fuel is so low. I was with Jeff today when he filled his pickup with fuel for 69 cents a gallon, that was at a new station that just opened but a lot of them have it for 85 cents and of course there are places you can get it for 95 cents if that's what you want.
Will wait till I have had some adventures to write about in the next letter.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 1/25/99

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