The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #26 in VA, MD & DE 1/1/99
Only 156 miles, odometer reading now 31,335. Not adding up very fast.
From The shed at Jeff & Alexis' in MD, Hi Everyone!
I hope you all survived the Holidays in good shape, I know I did. I want to thank all of you who remembered me with cards & letters. Thanks to my daughter Jenny, I had a white Christmas and a white New Years Eve, I didn't want a white Christmas or a White New Years Eve. She is always wishing for a white Christmas and it gets delivered to me, except for last year, I was in Houston, TX and it missed me. If it never snowed again it would make this old farm boy very happy. It found me this year and she got it too, but only after an ice storm. Slick roads, downed trees and some people without power including my son Mark down in
Franktown, VA, they got more ice down there and he didn't get power restored till day after Christmas. I went down to help him clear the downed trees, he wants me & Jeff with the pickup truck back again after New Years to try to get some of it burned. I do wish Jenny would stop
wishing for a white Christmas. No one really NEEDS snow except for my friend Kevin Curtis, who lives up on the mountain west of Denver. He uses a snow plow to pay the bills in the wintertime when the trout lake is froze over. He says he prays for snow every week. I'm sure glad I'm not up there in the winter and I hope he calls for snow only in the area around Idaho Falls, CO. On Christmas day at Jenny's we had power till after lunch when they turned it off to work on the lines and it didn't come back on till after a cold, candle light Christmas dinner. She had better luck with dinner on New Years Eve and we enjoyed a real good turkey dinner. Please! Jenny no more white Christmases.
I'm happy to report that my colon is again functioning like it is supposed to. I have had to change my diet a little but I can live with that. Jeff wants to take credit for it as I have been eating a lot of his cooking. I have been helping him on several projects so he can't call me a freeloader. We have a lot more to do while I'm waiting to check back in with all the Doctors before I head down the road again, I'm also getting some things done on the motorhome. I'm spending some time with genealogy and just received and update for my program, but I'm looking forward to the day that me and my shadow are heading down the road.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 1/1/99

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