The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #25 in MD, DE, VA, NC, SC, GA & FL 12/11/98 only 2,795 miles, odometer reading now 31,335.
From Virginia Beach, Hi Everyone!
Good news! I saw the surgeon on Nov. 25 and he asked me how I felt, I told him great, he looked over his handy work and told me I could return to my normal activity but if I received any signals from my belly to pay attention to them and back off a little. He told me everything come back negative as to more cancer. Boy!, did I feel good then, he said he wanted to see me again in 4 to 6 weeks. I also have to see the Doctor for another Colonoscopy to make sure everything is as it should be in about three months after the first one. I see much improvement in my condition each day that goes by. I swear, getting that cancer removed is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Each morning when I wake up I feel younger. It's hard telling how young I'll feel in February when I celebrate my 74th birthday. I'm sure that getting behind the wheel and heading down the road will back the clock up a few turns also.
Thanksgiving time again and I have so much to be thankful for. A few days in the hospital
and family comes to the forefront. I am so thankful and proud of them all, including my in-laws.
Had thanksgiving dinner at my niece Susie, her husband John, the twin teenage daughters Jennifer & Elizabeth and their brother John Mason. They Deep fat fry the turkey and as I said last year they are delicious. John fried three of them while we were there. One was for a lady from their church, we ate the other two, there was very little leftover. I know I ate too much, it happens every year.
After recovering from overeating I got the motorhome out of the shed and headed south. I hadn't even got through Salisbury, MD and the tranny was acting up, shifting into 2nd gear for no reason. When I got to Jenny's I checked some things that could cause it and decided to by pass the Thermal vacuum switch that changes the vacuum to the vacuum modulator on the tranny according to the temp. of the engine. It worked OK all the way to Virginia Beach but when I got in the city traffic it started acting up again. I decided to make the trip to Orlando, FL during the cool temps at night. This worked well till I was about 100 miles north of Jacksonville in the afternoon the temp. was in the 80s and she dropped into 2nd gear, I slowed down and drove the 100 miles in second gear. I checked into the RV park on the Naval Air Station to let her cool down and wait for Karen & Jack to get off work and get to their home in Jacksonville Beach. They were home by about 5:30 so headed there and had a nice short visit before heading to Orlando. When I had gone a short way down I 95 it started to get foggy. I don't like driving in fog and needed fuel. When I was fueling I asked the guy at the next pump if this would last, he said "yes, it will get worse and should burn off by 9:00 AM". I went a little further and decided to park it till the fog lifted. I pulled into a mall parking lot and shut down, was going to get some sleep but thought about the new weather radio, turned it on and was advised that most of the fog was north of my location. Orlando didn't have fog so I headed south and sure enough I was soon out of the fog. The new weather radio paid off. Also got to test the CB radio when I stopped at COOP Engine Works to visit with my new friend Jim Bounds. Another new friend Dave Greenberg showed up to pick up his Motorhome after repair and he informed me that he was heading to the rally park. he had been there before and Gus couldn't pin point it for me so I decided to let Dave do the navigating and we could keep in touch via CB radio so the radio paid off again.
Dec. 4, 1998 I heard that from here we would be able to see the shuttle as it went up at 3:30 AM. I woke up in time, turned the TV on and got dressed. I stepped outside as it started the liftoff and looked to the east. Unfortunately there were trees to the east to block my view. I could soon see what looked like a bright star coming up through the trees, I knew it was the shuttle but by the time it got up above the trees it had arched over and was heading away from me and it started getting smaller and was again dropping down in the trees. So much for the shuttle launch, I had my camera but didn't get a picture.
I decided to disconnect the wire on the tranny that comes from the kick down switch on the throttle linkage. The experts agreed that this could cause the problem. After leaving the camp ground I had no more problems with the tranny so when I get back in the shed at Jeff & Alexis' place I'll check out the wire from one end to the other and reconnect it. I also found out from one of the experts that the vacuum line from the manifold to the modulator on the tranny was not supposed to be teed into the thermal vacuum switch. I can believe it, as the engine runs much better now and I picked up better gas mileage after disconnecting it. It has been connected wrong all the time I have had the coach.
After leaving the campground I headed to Sarasota to visit my good friends Dick & Janet Headley (an old Navy buddy) They had just survived their daughters wedding, the newly weds were on their way to Hawaii for a honey moon but when the plane took off from the airport in LA there were a couple explosions in one engine and it returned to LA. It looked like a long delay, what a way to spend a honey moon. This is where the best oranges and grapefruit come from. Dick informed me that the oranges are not yet ripe but he did pick one bag of the riper ones and I hope they will ripen in the motorhome. He picked three bags of grapefruit from another neighbors tree and they are delicious, they seem to have more seeds than a watermelon but I can live with that. I may have to make another trip down there when the oranges are ripe.
I saw something new in a grocery store in Sarasota and I expect to see a lot more of them soon. Would you believe, a self service grocery check out counter. There were two of them, it was not crowded and they were not in use. It looked like a computer, a credit card reader and a bar code reader, I don't recall seeing a scale, there could have been one. If you recall, the card reading gas pump showed up in a few places and now they are every where.
After an overnight at the Headley's (they still work) I headed north to Niceville, FL to visit my sister Marilyn and Bill and two children Kelly & Charlie. The rain caught me on I 10 about 50 miles east of Niceville. It was pretty hard at times and I had to slow down for a visibility problem but by the time I got to Niceville the rain was about over.
After a nice visit I told Gus to take us to Virginia Beach, VA the fastest way. I didn't check his travel plan and this was a mistake, he took us the long way around. I guess he thought I wanted to drive on Interstate roads all the way. He took us all the way to I 95 near Jacksonville on I 10. I know it would have been a lot shorter and faster to head Northeast instead of going East and then North. I'm just going to have to check every thing he does.
I'll spend a few days here in Virginia Beach before paying another $18 payment on the bridge tunnel to get over to Jenny's for Christmas.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 12/11/98

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