The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #23 in MD, DE, VA & NC 10/24/98
about 1,000 miles, odometer reading now 28,540 was 27,550
From Maryland, Hi Everyone! Yes I'm back at my son Jeff & Alexis' place near Salisbury, MD after a short trip to Virginia Beach, VA where I had a short visit with my sister-in-law and I took care of some of those things I left undone last time. Then it was on to Marion, NC to the GMC Motorhomes International club convention.
Before the trip I was able to service everything on the GMC and worked on some projects that have been on the back burner for about two years. I thought that after thinking about something for two years I would have it all figured out and I could have it done in short order. That was not to be, it seemed that nothing went the way it was supposed to go and I find I am slowing down as I get older, I keep losing things and I know that I had it just a minute ago. If you are my age you have probably been there and done that. I call this an annual physical on the motorhome, I will also get an annual physical while I'm here and we will both be ready for another year of adventures, that's what keeps us both feeling good.
The trip went well except for a starting problem with the engine. I must have a bad connection somewhere in the start circuit. It won't crank when the engine is hot. The weather has been perfect.
This was the biggest convention yet, almost 400 coaches (390+) were there. Up to this time 325 was the largest. There were a lot of new members there and we could go over 400 in March if they all show up at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Got a lot of new Ideas to make the motorhome better so next year I'll again be busy installing them when I get to Maryland. I joined two more clubs while I was there, I joined the GMC Sunshine Statesmen. They are a group in Florida so I may have some places to go when I get down there next month. I also joined the GMC Tidewater Crabs a group here in DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA & DC. I was planning to go to a rally with them this weekend but it looks like I'll still have some things to do on the motorhome so I'll have to check with them the next time around. There is a total of 21 GMC clubs, I now belong to four of them. I may join some more.
Someone at the convention asked me how many miles I drive in a year. I haven't paid much attention to it but decided it would be nice to know, so from now on I'll put the mileage down right under the states I have been in and after a year it should tell me what my yearly mileage is.
I have a little bad news. I found out yesterday that I have colon cancer. I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 2nd to see about the surgery required. I told the Dr. I was planning to be in Phoenix in January and he said he would also like to be in Phoenix in January but he wanted to see me here in Salisbury, MD in three months. He didn't say I couldn't travel but I will have to get back here in three months. As it now stands I plan to head to Florida after Thanksgiving, like I did last year. I'll see how it goes after the surgery. I will keep you all posted.
Till next time, Dallas or Dad if it fits. 9/24/98

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