The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #6 in VA,NC,SC,GA & FL 12/04/97
Hi Everyone!, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! from Me & my shadow and my GPS Friends Gertrude, & Gus.
I have heard that time goes faster when you are having fun. If this is so, I sure must have had a lot of fun in 1997, it seems like it was just a few days ago that I was writing 1996 on my checks and now it's just about time to start writing 1998. I expect to have even more fun in 1998, not being in Nebraska in the winter will be a good start. I am now in Florida and wearing short sleeve shirts again. It sure feels good after all that cold weather way up north in MD & VA.
I believe there was a conspiracy in Virginia Beach to keep me there all winter. They kept feeding me food that tasted sooo good and I kept telling them that I'm not supposed to eat food that tastes good, I'm supposed to spit it out. If I had stayed there all winter I don't think I would have lasted till spring. However, waiting in that cold weather for the thanksgiving turkey was worth it. The flavor is fantastic, I believe it was the injection with Creole Butter and the Cajun Seasoning that does it. Deep frying in Peanut oil is definitely fast but I believe that the same turkey injected with Creole Butter and the Cajun seasoning on it would taste the same after roasting in the oven. I do know that every turkey that was fried (there were several) was soon
reduced to a skeleton that looked like the vultures had just left. Even my 2 year old Great granddaughter Madison didn't stop eating it till it was gone.
When I was up at Jenny's place I tried to use her computer and it was so agonizingly slow that I told her I was giving her a new one for Christmas. I ordered one and it came in just before I was to head south. I borrowed Jimmy's pickup truck and made another payment on the second bridge tunnel (it will soon be finished) and drove up there in the rain to help her get it running. As she inherited poor spelling from her father and she sometimes uses a correctly spelled word in the wrong place (I know two of you out there who also do it) I ordered from Parsons a program called "Websters talking dictionary" it has a computer generated female voice. The instant I heard the voice I was haunted by a 60+ year old memory of another voice. This one came from a little girl about my age who had been robbed of her beauty, her smile made crooked and her voice distorted by having a "hair lip". Today it is called a "cleft lip" and plastic surgery can restore much of the beauty, the smile and the voice. I can still see her today, looking at me with that crooked smile and talking to me. She was looking for, and needed another friend. In my stupidity at that time I turned and walked away. I regretted what I had done and wished that I had returned her smile and made her my friend. She still haunts me and always will, I don't recall that I ever heard her name and I didn't understand what she said. Because of this memory I have named this new computer voice "Hairiot" Hairiot Nozitall Webster. She is very bright and always ready to tell me the definition of a word but I have a hard time understanding her. I don't think plastic surgery will help in this case. Maybe my understanding will improve as I hear more from her. The longer that I use Gertrude and Gus the easier it is to understand them. In Georgia I found out that I don't need to ask Gus for help when I miss a turn and need to know how to get back on the course. I deliberately got over on another street running along side of the one I was supposed to be on and every time I was coming to a cross street that would take me over to the one I was supposed to be on, he would tell me to "turn right on this street in so many seconds" I would ignore him and he never gave up like Gertrude would, he would just call out the next street. After I try Gus out in southern California I may be able to fire Gertrude. I am also happy to report that Gus' head cold seems to be getting better in this warm weather, but I still wish he would blow his nose.
The trip south went well, my first stop was in Jacksonville Beach to see my niece Karen & Jack and daughter Tori. I hadn't seen Karen & Jack since their wedding about 16 years ago. Had a nice visit and next time I'll make it on a weekend so we can have more time together. Headed south to Orlando from there. I was enjoying the warm weather so much that I pulled into an RV Park north of Orlando in early afternoon so I could plug in and use the computer to start this letter to let those of you in Nebraska know that there is an alternative to the cold weather. However, Karen reminded me of one of the disadvantages of living here. She said that she can't leave Tori in the back yard by herself as she might end up in the belly of an alligator. On the news they talk about the mountain lions coming into neighborhoods in southern California, so if you can stand the cold weather, Nebraska still looks pretty good.
Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.

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