The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #4 in MD,DE & VA 10/26/97
Hi Everyone!, I'm back again. I had forgotten to set the clock for daylight saving time till I turned the computer on and it told me that it didn't forget. Now that that is done, plus the fact that we had a frost here a few days ago, Me and my Shadow & Gertrude will soon be heading south. Gertrude will soon have a competitor, I have ordered an update to my Street Atlas program and it is supposed to have a voice now. I don't know yet if it will be a woman or a man so after I get it and see what sex it is I'll have to come up with a name for it. I suppose Gertrude will be jealous if it is a woman and if it is a man, I suppose she will try to dominate it. I hope it will stay with me if I make a wrong turn and help me get back on the correct street. Unlike Gertrude, who gives me the silent treatment any time I can't or don't do what she tells me to do. She leaves it up to me to get back on track, and that is one time I really need help. Being needed, leads me right into my next subject.
It is always nice to be needed, it gives me a reason for being alive. However, out here where I have two sons, a daughter and a sister-in-law all with long lists of things for me to do, I am having second thoughts about always being needed. I had lots of things I wanted to do on the motorhome, some of them I have done, some are being done and some I'll do when I get down to where it is warm. One of the things I needed was a mice place to work on the motorhome and this I found at Alexis' place, she is Jeff's new woman. She has a big (28' X 52') shed with a concrete floor. The perfect place for me and the motorhome, however she also has a list of things she needs me to do. Some of the things needed to be done involve the building I am in (the roof needed some work to stop some leaks) so how can I turn her down (she even feeds me).
I'll leave some things undone so I know that I'll be needed the next time around when the hot temperature returns. I'll get my flu shot 11/1/97, get my defibrillator checked 11/5/97, and then head across the bay and fix those dripping faucets for my sister-in-law Virginia. I don't know why, but every time I get to her place I have to fix dripping faucets, I think she makes them drip just so I'll be needed. Hey! Virginia I'll be glad to stop at your place even if the faucets don't need fixing. After a few days in Virginia Beach I'll be heading to Florida to try out the new GPS program and see if Gertrude will be replaced. I'll make an appointment in Phoenix, AZ to get my defibrillator checked in January. From what I hear, El Nino is going to have the weather all messed up in the south this winter so I'll probably wish I was back in Nebraska. I'll be sure to park on high ground, in case of flash floods and hope it don't snow.
Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.

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