The Adventures of Me & My Shadow #2 in CA,NV,UT & ID 08/16/97
Hi Everyone!, I'm back again. The wedding went well, nobody told me before I got out here that I would be in the wedding party! Bob had asked my sister Norma to light the candle that he would use to light the unity candle. Someone decided that I would escort her down the aisle. So it turned out with Norma and me being the first ones down the aisle. We got the job done, the wedding was beautiful and I'm glad they won't be sending me the bill for the wedding. Bob and Terry were to spend the first night on the Queen Mary, then they were going to the Virgin Islands for a week. "Me and my shadow" and Gertrude headed south to San Diego The trip went well, Gertrude took me first to Kelly & Annett's house, a very nice house out by Miramar NAS in an area that was just sage brush 40 years ago when I was stationed at Miramar. We enjoyed visiting and we went on a tour of Miramar. The only things I recognized were the two hangars where I worked. We also went by the house we lived in when I was in San Diego. A lot has changed in 40 years. Gertrude then took me to Mabel's house out by Balboa park, not too far from the Naval Hospital where Jennifer was born. I enjoyed remembering old times with Mabel. Again, a lot has changed in that part of San Diego. I'll have to return when it's winter in Nebraska.
I headed north again, I thought Fountain Valley, CA was north of LA. When I punched Elton's address into the computer Gertrude set me straight and found it over by Newport Beach, this was my next destination. This time Gertrude did me wrong, she put me on a toll road! I didn't know there was such a thing in California (maybe Gertrude didn't know) When she didn't offer to help pay the $4.00 toll it made me mad. I'll have to remember this when I'm out east where there are many toll roads. I had a nice visit with Elton & his family. We went over to Newport Beach where there was to be a surfing contest... but it didn't amount to much. I thought they were all a bunch of chickens when they wouldn't ride a wave in. I guess the waves were not the right kind and were very dangerous. Next, Gertrude took me to Doug & Di's in Riverside She did OK this time but I didn't pay attention and went by the house and had to go around the block. Had a nice visit here, one day I took Steve over to a park and beat him in a game of miniature golf. Steve doesn't like cucumbers (and they had an abundance of them) he would sneak them out and put them in my refrigerator. We enjoyed them when I got to Bessie's and I even had one left to bring up to Dave's.
I punched Bessie's West Covina address in and told Gertrude to take me there. There was a detour on the way. I was unable to do what she told me to do so she got mad and gave me the silent treatment. It would sure be nice if she would come up with an alternative route, I had to zoom out on the map and find one. When I got back on track she talked to me again and we got to Bessie's OK. However, on the way I ruffled the feathers on one California driver. It happened when Gertrude told me I would soon have to exit the Freeway. I was not in the outside lane so I looked in the mirror and saw a little red sports car coming up fast but far enough back to be able to slow down, I put my signal on and moved over. The next thing I know this little red car is on the left side of me honking its horn. Then it darts down the off ramp ahead of me and at the first intersection the light turns red and stops the little red car. I stopped behind it and this gal in a miniskirt & high heels gets out and comes back to give me hell. She said I almost ran her off the road ... said I almost killed her. By the cloths & makeup she had on she made me think she could be a hooker from the red light district. Somehow, as she approached I knew she wasn't going to offer her services. If she had a gun she would have shot me. From my observations I would say: 1) she was in a hurry; 2) she hates old men in motorhomes; 3) her feet were hurting. I think #3 & those high heels were her main problem. As she went back to her car, I puckered up and blew her a kiss to see if it would make her feel better. Her timing was perfect... just after she got in the car and slammed the door, the light turned green. She peeled a little rubber and was soon out of sight. She is not a typical California driver, today and 40 years ago I found them to be more considerate than drivers in other parts of the country, if they weren't it would be impossible to drive on the freeways. It's the only place I know of where you can change lanes in slow moving bumper to bumper traffic.
After a nice visit with Bessie and some of her family, I loaded up with oranges (from a tree in her daughter's back yard) and headed for Boise, ID. I didn't use Gertrude as she doesn't have a street map of Boise. I'm at Meggan's now and will close for now and be back with more news later.
Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.

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