The Adventures of Me & My Shadow # 1 in NE,IA,IL,IN,OH,WV,PA,MD,VA,DE,NC,SC,SD, CO,UT,NV & CA 07/31/97
Hi Everyone!, I guess I better get a letter off and let you know what's been going on. After the disastrous sale (it rained & the people that came weren't bidding) I headed east to VA & MD the weather was perfect every thing went well. Then it was on to Charleston, SC to the Navy reunion, the trip went well, I met some old friends and made some new ones, I enjoyed the Navy museum (a navy carrier, a destroyer and a submarine). As for the city of Charleston the only thing I found desirable was the price of gas (less than a buck a gallon). Of course, I had just filled my tanks in NC for $1.05, thinking it was a bargain, after paying $1.15 in MD & VA. Overall the price of gas is less than I was expecting.
After returning to MD it was off to Sioux Falls, SD to get my defibrillator checked. I stopped by Coleridge, NE on the way to visit some friends, when the thunder & lightning started the morning after I got to Coleridge, I thought someone was trying to tell me to get out of town. I guess the farmers needed the rain, but I didn't... at least I didn't have to mow the grass this time. Back in June, when I called Sioux Falls to make an appointment they told me they were booked up through July. I told them I would be in California in early August, so they told me to get there by noon on July 28 and they would try to work me in. I got there a little before 11:00 and told them I wanted to check in and get something to eat. The next thing I knew, some good looking gal was checking my defibrillator. Everything looked good and she said if I had no complaints I wouldn't have to see Dr. Olson. I had no complaints, but as I was leaving I met Dr. Olson in the hall & informed him that I had found a Dr. in MD to check it the next time & that this Dr. gave me the name of a Dr. in AZ for checking it in the winter time. He said that was fine, and I told him I would try to make it back to Sioux Falls next spring.
I ate lunch in Sioux Falls and headed to California. When I got into Colorado on I 76 I looked at the distance and time and decided if I didn't want to get to Denver with the morning rush I would have to hurry. I set my speed at 75 mph and got to Denver at 2:30 AM, while the traffic was light and I was soon climbing up the mountain to the continental divide. Every thing was looking good, 24 hours after leaving Sioux Falls I was only 100 miles from I 15 that would take me down to Las Vegas and into California.
When I got to Las Vegas it was late afternoon, I was hungry & tired, and the temp. was 120. After eating and making some phone calls, I slept till the sun went down and it was cooler, then headed to California.
At the California border I picked up a new traveling companion... her name is Gertrude. When Gertrude talks I had better pay attention and do what she says, when she says it or I will be in trouble. I call the female voice on the computer that gives me directions Gertrude. I don't have to take my eyes of the road to look at the map. It is a new program and this was the first time I have used it. It is fantastic, just what I need in California traffic. I have learned that I can't argue with Gertrude... I can't wait for a second opinion, and when she says something I have to follow her instructions to the letter. This gal must have nerves of steel... when the traffic situation looks hopeless and it's a panic situation, she keeps her cool and just goes right on telling me what to do. She is an angel, some time I would like to give her a kiss for the way she keeps me out of trouble.
After the wedding here in Longbeach, CA "Me and my shadow" and Gertrude will be heading for San Diego then up through California and over to Boise, ID, from there to Brice Canyon, UT, then east to New Hampshire. From there, I still have to talk it over with my shadow and Gertrude.
Till next time, Dallas, or Dad if it fits.

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