The Adventures of
Me and My Shadow
Dallas Jensen

When you see this in your rear view mirror you will be looking at the coolest running GMC on the road. She loves to run fast & pull hard. I love her. Tune to CB channel 12 and tell me if you love yours. If you don’t love her tell me why and I may be able to help you make her right.   :-)

I'm Dallas Jensen. I travel the highways of America full time in a Classic 1976 GMC Motorhome. I see a lot of sights and have a lot of experiences that I feel like sharing with folks. These are letters to my family and friends as I make my way around the country. I hope you enjoy reading them.

First timers, you may enjoy the adventure stories more if you start at the bottom of the pile with #1 and read them in order. For those who have been there & done that, the latest story will always be on the top of the pile. Enjoy!

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I came up with the "Me & My Shadow" name after making a trip with my son. He complained about everything, the road, the weather and the noise when trying to get some rest in a truck stop. I told him that from that time on it would be just me and my shadow. I have travelled with him since then and he never complained again but the name stuck. My shadow never complains or gives me hell when I do somthing stupid. It also won't make sandwiches or help drive, it just sits there and never says a word. I like it that way.

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