I am Charles Dille, known to everybody as Charlie, I live in the Dallas area and have just been given a 1973 Canyon Lands 26'. It is in horrible shape as it has set up for the last 6-7 years. My father bought it in 1975 and used it very little, but he had quit a bit of trouble with it and made some modifications that I am going to have to try and undo.

Presently it is parked in El Paso TX. with an engine knock, bad fuel tanks, blown air bags, busted wind shield, rotten radial tires on bias ply wheels, and at least 100 other things that need fixing.



My Dad was a Rocket Scientist. I am serious! He designed missiles for the Army, Hawk, Nike, Sergeant, and worked with Werner Van Braun after WWII at White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico. Some of his modifications on the coach are amazing, such as an inward opening screen door that folds flat against the vacuum cleaner compartment automatically when opened.

My coach has an engine driven air compressor. It is mounted on the drivers side on the frame, it is driven off of an extra pulley with a spring tensioning idler pulley. It is a York compressor and it is mounted on it's side on a slide with a long bolt to adjust the belt tension. It takes about 30-45 seconds to pump up 125 lbs. There is also a separator that is mounted between the compressor and tank that separates any oil or water that gets in the system.

I am sure it will create a lot of discussion, and I am not sure yet if this is a good setup or not. To the best of my recollection my dad put the compressor on about 20-25K miles ago. I think that the only thing that keeps everything from tearing itself up is the spring loaded idler pulley. I looked at the installation this morning and the idler pulley has a very long stroke to take up slack. By the way I am going to continue to use this setup until it breaks, I carry a 12V portable compressor just in case I need it, my air system is real tight so it should get me to the next stop where I can fix the main system or order a Thomas or some other brand of electric compressor.