Centering Steering Wheel After Setting Toe

C.O. Richards

After aligning the steering wheel with the steering sector to assure that the sector is on the high point of the gear and approximately centered between end stops and assuming the gear is properly adjusted, fill it with power steering fluid (not transmission fluid) release the clamp on your safety-plus, then take a test ride.  If the steering wheel is tilted to the right when driving straight down the road then the tie rod adjustment sleeves must be rotated an equal amount on both sides to cause the front wheels to be turned right.  First clean and place a reference mark on each sleeve and on the adjacent ends of each tie rod.  Release the locking clamps to enable you to adjust the toe. Rotate both of the sleeves an equal amount as if to roll them toward the rear of the coach.  Do not roll them over ¬ turn at a time. Re-tighten the locking nuts.  Go for another test ride.  If the steering wheel is to the left of center the sleeves must be rotated forward. Remember that you will not destroy toe if you rotate both sleeves in the same direction the same amount. Once you center the steering wheel then and only then you can re-tighten your safetyplus or other spring loaded centering device.