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0 I have a 77 transmode that was a demo vehicle for the prescolite corp. It had no windows (not even in the rear) and (2) 6000 watt onans ((1)now)the po bought it with with intentions of making a motorhome but didn't have the time. I bought it and its been in my barn for a few years. I didn't have time either(had to build a house).

The unusual part about my coach is the roof. It has a raised fiberglass roof, it starts about 12" in from the side rails and extends up to the top of the air conditioners. It goes from the back edge of the front cap to front edge of the rear cap it envelopes both air conditioners (you cant see the air cond's from the side but you can from front and rear) the ends are sloped to match the slope of the air cond's the top is flat with rounded corners, it has (2) small vents w/elect. fans on each side and molded ribs in the middle, it is professionally done and looks good IMHO.

On the inside the the metal roof has been removed to form a cathedral ceiling,my intentions are to put cabinets in this area. I have read post about removing air and pods from the roof to make the coach less top heavy. Am I in trouble here? Will this make the coach to top heavy?

I have looked at all the pictures of coaches at various rallies and different sights on the net and cant find one that looks like mine. Has anybody seen one that looks like this? I cant belive they would make a mold for just one coach.


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Created by bdub on March 05, 2000
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