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Thu 8/18/2011 3:44 PM

It has arrived! It is so wonderful! I am so very excited! (ok, I'm using up all my allotted ! for the month).
I want to thank all those involved. Everyone has been wonderful. I cannot thank you enough. Without everyone's support this couldn't have happened. So, thank you all so very much.

Now, what to do first....



Sat 8/13/2011 6:34 PM

After a busy two days of troubleshooting and wrenching we finally got the Possum coach ready for travel (I use that term lightly).  The earlier work party had accomplished a lot in the one day they worked by getting the exhaust system installed and cleaning up the fuel tank and lines.  However, when we arrived Wed. evening, the coach would start but we could not keep it running. So, Thursday Morning, I started troubleshooting the engine and then the brakes were next. ...

Randy & Margie

Randy & Margie VanWinkle


Sat 7/23/2011 6:40 PM

It was a Long hot day.  JR Showed up first, around 10:00 - He dove into the fuel lines.

Bill Freeman and Tom Phipps arrived sometime after that.  And a fairlly new GMCer that Tom met recently also showed up to pitch. (John??)

Dave Silva, Bill Freeman, JR Wheeler, Tom Phipps (not the boss)

Nothing is simple- bad lines all over the place- ultimately we dropeed the front tank, replaced all the fuel lines and eliminated the rear tank.

Like most such projects everything took longer than expected. We got fuel flowing and got the exhaust hung.

Jim Decheine provided the exhaust which was impressive.  Everything was marked with arrows and numbers- it went right together.

At about 5:30 we added fresh gas and fired it up.  Sounds great- smooth and quiet.

Then there's the brakes- the pedal went right to the floor.  We added fluid and they got a bit better but everyone was dehydrated and exhausted.  A project for another day.

Dave Silva


No mufflers or exhaust pipe post-manifold (loud, safety issue when not moving)

Brake rotors and calipers extremely rusty (functional? serviceable?)

Fuel system suspect (jury-rig with jerry-cans and marine pump?)


"Tom says"
This would be a great week-end work party. I believe that teams working on it could solve most of it easily. The teams probably would not get in each others way.
Sounds like fun to me.

As for getting it home to Marsha, some flight path discussions happened in the same thread:

~1200 miles.

I'd guess from recent experience that towing would be super pricey, so we'd need either someone who can take care of themselves and coach eventualities on a long trip, or a series of relay drivers. I can't help much here.

Marsha said it was insured, I think, so tags and registration should be straightforward. 1200 miles of gas will cost ~$500.
After the above work, there should be just about enough in the fund to cover this. Marsha might be willing to make up the difference.

As long as we're not putting tons of effort into creating MORE problems for Marsha, it sure would be great if we could make it happen!


There is a new battery.

Marsha and Tom got it to fire up just pouring gas or starting fluid down its throat.





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