Edgar Kremer's
GMC Motorhome Schematics


Air Compressor Hold / Travel Alert Alarm sounds for duration of Time Delay Relay if HOLD/TRAVEL switch is left in hold position.
Air Compressor 12 volt Power Source Change Air Compressor runs off the Coach battery instead of the Engine battery. Added lamp lights in concert with the Air Compressor operation.
External Utilities Compartment Door Open Alarm Alarm sounds if the Utilities (power cord) Door is left open.
Converter Ammeter Where to install an Ammeter for your Converter.
Electric Fuel Pump The Electric Fuel Pump operates off the alternator. If the engine dies, the alternator quits & the fuel pump quits. Many owners wire the fuel pump into an added oil pressure switch. I decided this was easier.
Headlights ON Alarm To warn of your headlights left on when your ignition is turned off.
Ignition Kill - HEI Disables the ignition to deter theft.
Ignition Kill - Points Disables the ignition to deter theft.
Low Oil Pressure Alarm Sounds an alarm if oil pressure drops.
Modified ICC Switch (Trucker's Switch) Enables the driver to flash his headlights or taillights, as truck drivers do.
Onan Control Board Replacement for the original Onan board.
Onan Fuel Prime Switch Primes the Onan prior to operating the start switch.
Alternate power source for Radio Operate the Radio from the coach battery instead of the engine battery.
Refrigerator Alarm The thermistor is attached to the heat (flame) chamber & the alarm sounds if the flame extinguishes.