My name is Robert Hatchman.  I am the designer of several applications of wheel alignment systems known as CT Spacer kits.  I am also the president of CorrecTrack Inc., a company that distributes the alignment systems from our facility in Grants Pass, Oregon.


1.  A little background

a.  For the last thirty years, I have built, modified and restored a large number of specialty Porsche race cars.  These are the original Porsche factory 24-hour endurance cars of 1964 - 1971 vintage.   My clients are world wide, from a small country of Liechtenstein in Europe to Brazil in South America.


b.  Way back in 1950s, my father started a company that produces a centrifugal atomizer used in food and chemical industries.  As the oldest son, in addition to my formal education I had been turned over to experienced engineers and journeyman machinists who provided years of valuable practical training.  (Yes, they made me sweep floors before passing on skills of the trade.)  Today, I am a business manager.  I oversee all operations, including manufacturing of precision equipment used in drying of various liquid products and by-products.  Our machines operate at 12,000 to 18,000 RPM on 2- or 3-bearing systems, depending on horsepower load.


2.  CorrecTrack Inc.

I incorporated CorrecTrack in 1997 to provide a simple solution to potentially dangerous handling problems inherent to certain vehicle types and models.  I have developed a simple alignment system that turns a “white-knuckled” driving nightmare into a one-handed driving contentment.   If you’d like an overview of specific CT Spacer kit applications, please visit our web site at

I must note that in the last two years Class B motorhome manufacturers install CorrecTrack’s rear-wheel alignment system as standard factory equipment on the majority of B Class motorhomes built on 3500 Dodge chassis.


3. Front-wheel alignment system for GMC motorhomes.

a.  Many A Class and GMC motorhome owners contacted me with requests to design a front-wheel alignment system that would alleviate handling difficulties that result from a misalignment between a narrow front and a wide rear axel.


b.  In co-operation with a local GMC motorhome owner, I have designed a set of front-wheel spacers.  Subsequently, we have installed and tested the set on his coach.  The owner noted a marked improvement in handling characteristics of the coach.

Test journal conclusion:  POSITIVE INITIAL TEST RESULTS.


b.  As additional safety parameters, we have further modified the system to provide hub centering on both sides of spacers. 

Test journal conclusion:  POSITIVE TEST RESULTS.

d.  We produced three more sets for further practical road tests by motorhome owners.   All three sets incorporated a steel hub-centering insert.

Test journal conclusion:  POSITIVE TEST RESULTS.


e.  I have sent the first test vehicle to two GMC motorhome rallies to test endurance (bearing load/stress/life) and market potential of the system.   This specific test vehicle has gone approximately 10,000 miles on used bearings with no known and/or noticeable ill effects.


f.  To eliminate any potential corrosion factors, we have changed hub-centering insert material from steel to aluminum.  This change also lowered manufacturing costs and, subsequently, the retail price of the set.   We have produced and distributed 10 additional sets to 10 satisfied customers.


g.  As of today, we have orders for 10 additional sets from ten motivated GMC motorhome owners.  Soon we will have 24 sets in service.  These 24 motorhomes are essentially test vehicles.  As the owners travel, we shall receive real-life data as to bearing life and potential stress on other suspension components, as well as owners’ comments about vehicle control and performance on the highway.



1.  As we all know, computed loads and stress-to-bearings calculations are just that, computed calculations.  The only way to know for sure is to test in real life, with involvement of real-life drivers experiencing variable real-life road conditions. 

Here I must note that our rear-wheel alignment system has successfully completed a grueling equivalent of 100,000 road miles at DaimlerChrysler’s own testing facility.  In addition, thousands of our kits have clocked thousands of miles over the last five years. So far, we have received nothing but positive feed back from our existing customers.


2.  Mechanical aspects of each motorhome vary in respect to alignment, condition of bearings, suspension & steering components and shape of ball joints.

For instance, if your coach has grease leaking out of a seal in a bearing area, there is no grease inside at the bearing.  Any resulting damage to bearings cannot be assigned to our system, but rather to a specific and entirely different mechanical problem. 


3.  Driving to and from rallies and vacation spots in your GMC motorhome should be as comfortable as meeting old friends at the rallies and campgrounds.  We at CorrecTrack do not subscribe to “white-knuckled” driving experiences, and neither should you.



1.  To manufacture a safe alignment system that substantially corrects driving problems     that plague owners of GMC motorhomes.

2.  To assist GMC motorhome owners in testing our alignment system.

3.  To work with owners and clubs trying to improve handling of their motorhomes.



I and my staff at CorrecTrack are only trying to help.  

Thank you for the opportunity to address GMC motorhome owners.   ROBERT HATCHMAN